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That amazing Alan Wake 2 song will be available on Spotify imminently

That epic Alan Wake 2 song, Herald of Darkness, is finally coming to streaming services like Spotify, and we know when you can listen to it.

alan wake 2 song itunes spotify

The amount of unmissable moments in Alan Wake 2 is countless, but one moment in particular continues to stun players. The fourth mission of the Alan-centric side of the story is one of the best creative moments in Remedy Entertainment history, and we’ve all been waiting to stream Herald of Darkness, by Old Gods of Asgard (Poets of the Fall). Luckily for you, this excellent Alan Wake 2 song is finally headed to Spotify. Naturally, there are some story spoilers ahead.

We won’t be surprised when Alan Wake 2 ends up amid the best horror games of the year, and it is moments like Initiation 4: We Sing that take the new PS5 game to great heights. Now, Herald of Darkness from Initiation 4: We Sing, will be available to stream on all major platforms from Wednesday, November 145, 2023. Currently, the songs that appear at the end of each chapter are available to stream, but it is Herald of Darkness that serves as the highlight for many players.

The extremely catchy Old Gods of Asgard song is played as Alan navigates an ever-changing warehouse, depicting elements of the author’s past. Oh, and the level is a musical, and a fantastic one too. Using Remedy’s penchant for merging live action and gaming together, footage featuring creative director Sam Lake and other cast members engaging in dance routines plays around you. It is one of the most gonzo, outlandish moments you’ll encounter in one of the best PS5 horror games this year, and probably for many more to come.

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If you can’t wait till November 15, then the band has uploaded the video to YouTube in the meantime. Herald of Darkness is one of many contributions to the game by Finnish rock band Poets of the Fall. Remedy has collaborated with the band on several occasions, beginning with Max Payne 2 in 2003.

Under their alter-ego Old Gods of Asgard, the band’s place within the Remedy Connected Universe is another rabbit hole to descend. Within the world of Alan Wake, members of the band exist in the story, as Tor and Odin Anderson can be interacted with in Bright Falls. The 13-minute epic is a delicious dose of 80s-style hair metal, echoing bands like Europe, Stryper, and W.A.S.P.

alan wake 2 song spotify itunes

Praise for Alan Wake 2 is still fervent, following a series of glowing Alan Wake 2 reviews, including our 10/10 Alan Wake 2 review, where we say that the game is “visually astounding, thematically potent, and an absolute must for newcomers and fans alike.” The game won the Critic’s Choice Award at the Golden Joystick Awards, and we wager there will be plenty more accolades to come before the year is over.