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A Plague Tale Requiem cast and voice actors

Get a full overview of the A Plague Tale Requiem cast and voice actors who bring the characters in the adventure to life across the game's chapters

A Plague Tale Requiem Cast Voice Actors: Amicia and Hugo can be seen

A Plague Tale is known for its characters and the voice actors behind them. They bring life to the game’s story and the performances in the first game were excellent. And, with a bigger journey and a longer game, the A Plague Tale Requiem cast and voice actors will have a whole new set of scenarios to experience as their characters, breathing life into Hugo, Amicia, and more in new ways. So, to see who will be doing that work, check out the full list of cast members in A Plague Tale Requiem below.

Who is in the A Plague Tale Requiem cast and voice actors list

The A Plague Tale Requiem cast and voice actors list is as follows:

  • Charlotte McBurney – Amicia
  • Logan Hannan – Hugo
  • Kit Connor – Lucas
  • Lucy Briggs-Owen – Béatrice
  • Harry Myres – Arnaud
  • Anna Demetriou – Sophia

That rounds out the core cast who will be a part of your journey in the game. Charlotte and Logan both reprise their roles as Amicia and Hugo. But, Kit Connor is taking over the role of Lucas from Edan Hayhurst and Lucy Briggs-Own is voicing Béatrice instead of Katherine Pageon who voiced her in A Plague Tale Innocence.

It hasn’t been revealed why Lucas and Béatrice and new voice actors, but it could be due to scheduling conflicts or in Lucas’ case the fact that Edan is now 17, which is a little bit off of the age Lucas is supposed to be. Of course, in the full game, there will be more characters and once we have played we will update this article with a more complete list.

If you want to check out some deep dives into the characters and the voice actors behind them, Focus Entertainment has released a number of videos on the characters, which you can watch below:

YouTube Thumbnail

Alongside the characters and A Plague Tale Requiem voice actors and cast, there is going to be a lot for you to do in the game, from the return of the game’s side objectives, and a bigger experience. Asobo Studio dived into that bigger experience and explained how long it will take to beat A Plague Tale Requiem, which is a significant amount longer than the first game.