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All Zenless Zone Zero characters

The Zenless Zone Zero characters feature a variety of exciting faces that will make your journey through New Eridu all the more entertaining.

Zenless Zone Zero characters: Belle and Wise

Who are the Zenless Zone Zero characters? As HoYoverse looks to launch yet another fun-filled action RPG game – this time with a roguelike twist and an urban aesthetic – everyone’s eager to know who the Zenless Zone Zero characters are, be it those who have already been showcased in official footage, or those who have barely been teased.

Some of the Zenless Zone Zero characters have already been revealed for each of the RPG game’s factions: Belobog Heavy Industries, Gentle House, OBOLS Squad, Section 6, and Victoria Housekeeping. However, others remain shrouded in mystery, and could very well stay that way until the Zenless Zone Zero release date finally materializes. For now, here are all the confirmed Zenless Zone Zero characters we know about.

Zenless Zone Zero characters

The confirmed Zenless Zone Zero characters are:

  • Anby
  • Anton
  • Ben
  • Belle
  • Billy
  • Corin
  • Eous
  • Koleda
  • Lycaon
  • Miyabi
  • Nekomata
  • Nicole
  • Soldier 11
  • Soukaku
  • Wise

Zenless Zone Zero characters: Anby


Anby Demara is the Cunning Hares’ combat specialist, who has a penchant for taking fictional works far too literally – often with comical consequences. Anby was taken in by Nicole regardless of the fact that her past is a total mystery.

Zenless Zone Zero characters: Anton


Anton Ivanov is a senior staff member of Belobog Industries who is described by HoYo as “strong, sincere, and straightforward.” As an onsite project manager, Anton is clearly diligent in his work, and is proactive in everything he does.

Zenless Zone Zero characters: Belle and Wise

Belle and Wise

Belle and Wise are the two options players have at the start of the game when it comes to main characters. However, unlike Genshin Impact’s Aether and Lumine, and Honkai Star Rail’s Caelus and Stelle, Belle and Wise are non-combat characters that serve as the Proxy known as ‘Phaethon’. Proxies guide those looking to enter the interdimensional Hollows that serve as the main battlegrounds within ZZZ – this includes the obtainable characters that will form your portal-popping party.

Zenless Zone Zero characters: Ben


Ben the Bear of Belobog Heavy Industries has quite the ring to it, and this bonky boy is good for way more than beating-up baddies with his pillar. As the firm’s accountant, Ben has quite the memory, and has “memorized all 58 account ledgers in his office”, according to HoYo.

Zenless Zone Zero characters: Billy


Anby isn’t the only member of the Cunning Hares with a fictional hero fixation. Billy the handsome cyborg is said to be an “avid fan” of the Startlight Knight show, and often throws some of its classic catchphrases into his own vernacular.

Zenless Zone Zero characters: Corin


Corin Wickes is a diligent, yet shy maid who’s in the service of Victoria Housekeeping. However, despite not being the most confident Zenless Zone Zero character, Corin more than makes up for it with devastating attacks from her trusty chainsaw.

Zenless Zone Zero characters: Eous


Eous is a Bangboo 01 – an almost bunny-esque mech that often accompanies Belle and Wise on their adventure. They were built to assist with evacuation efforts during Hollow disasters, and also serves as ZZZ’s mascot, much in the same vein as Genshin’s Paimon and Star Rail’s Pom-Pom.

Zenless Zone Zero characters: Koleda


The leader of Belobog Heavy Industries, Koleda Belobog punches well above her physical stature – but don’t tell her we said that. Despite leading by example, Koleda can occasionally let her young age show, necessitating the support of her followers.

Zenless Zone Zero characters: Lycaon


Von Lycaon may look fearsome, but he is a true gentlewolf at heart. While he won’t accept a single blemish as an attendant of Victoria Housekeeping, he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty.

Zenless Zone Zero characters: Miyabi


As the head of Section 6, Hoshimi Miyabi enjoys order within New Eridu almost as much as she enjoys the blade. “The successor of a renowned martial art family in New Eridu”, we can imagine Miyabi has got more than enough skills to pay the bills.

Zenless Zone Zero characters: Nekomata


The trickster of the Cunning Hares, Nekomiya Mana more than lives up to her faction name thanks to her innate mischievousness. Boasting limitless energy and a penchant for playing tricks, there isn’t a quiet moment with her around.

Zenless Zone Zero characters: Nicole


The founder of the Cunning Hares, Nicole Demara is considered even more cunning than the animal emblazoning her faction. Although she enjoys nothing more than the scent of money, it never seems to linger for long when in her possession…

Zenless Zone Zero characters: Soldier 11

Soldier 11

Soldier 11’s identity has been all but scrubbed from the record by her own hand, though she is described as a “model soldier”. To Soldier 11, nothing is more important than the mission at hand, and efficiency is the name of the game.

Zenless Zone Zero characters: Soukaku


Soukaku may not be completely educated in terms of pronunciation, but she certainly knows and loves her food. As one of Section 6’s combat assets, Soukaku is one dangerous kid.

And that’s the complete list of Zenless Zone Zero characters for now. If you’re still waiting to see if the game will make its way to PS5 or Xbox, be sure to check out our Zenless Zone Zero PS5 release date and Zenless Zone Zero Xbox release date guides. A whole lotta Zs there.