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IShowSpeed lights Pokémon firework inside, surprised fire starts

Streamer iShowSpeed has taken his hyper-aggressive style of content creation to the next level by lighting a Pokémon firework on his bed while streaming

YouTube iShowSpeed Pokemon Fireworks: An image of iShowSpeed next to the Pikachu-shaped firework, lit inside his bedroom

American Independence Day or not, most of us know that playing with fireworks is a bad idea – whether they’re Pokémon themed or not. Well, popular YouTube streamer iShowSpeed decided to ignore this and actually lit a firework inside his bedroom during a celebratory Independence Day broadcast – on July 4, no less. As you might imagine, this resulted in the chaos that iShowSpeed’s content is known for.

During iShowSpeed’s latest stream, he lit a Pikachu-shaped firework sat on the corner of his bed – clearly expecting it to be some sort of sparkler fountain. However, after a few moments, the real firework kicked into action and the sparks began to fly. True to form, iShowSpeed can be seen to start screaming and runs to get his mother.

But, that wasn’t all this Pikachu-shaped firework had up its’ sleeve. After roughly 20 seconds, the fountain of sparks became larger and more intense. Then, sparks began to shoot from four different spots – not just up into the air anymore. This, making the Pikachu-shaped firework to start to spin, caused the whole thing to fall off iShowSpeed’s bed and onto what we think is carpeted flooring.

Althought we can’t see everything that happens, iShowSpeed’s heated conversation with his panicked mother suggests that the Pikachu-shaped firework started a fire. The YouTuber exclaims that he “didn’t know” the explosive would be quite so explosive as his mother calls for him to turn his stream off.

However, fans who stayed tuned into iShowSpeed’s stream were eventually treated to the sight of a member of the local Fire Department inspecting iShowSpeed’s smoke-filled room for damage. All three clips can be seen in the following Twitter thread from ‘eragone’ below:

While somewhat amusing, it does also serve as an important reminder that fireworks are more dangerous than they appear. Thankfully, it doesn’t look like anyone was hurt – however, iShowSpeed is yet to comment on the incident himself. So, for now, we don’t know for sure.

Despite being a somewhat divisive figure, iShowSpeed is incredibly popular on YouTube – at the time of writing, his channel has over 9.1 million subscribers. Where does this place him amongst the biggest Twitch streamers? Well, quite highly actually. Of course, this was one of iShowSpeed’s more dangerous stunts, but it’s clear that his sensationalist style is something people want to watch.