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Ubisoft reportedly including a Watch Dogs faction into XDefiant

XDefiant's announced factions all have ties to Tom Clancy games, however it seems that Ubisoft is turning to other IPs like Watch Dogs for inspiration

XDefiant Watch Dogs faction: A split image of an XDefiant character aiming a marksman rifle and a DedSec hacker from Watch Dogs

A new report has suggested that XDefiant, the upcoming faction-based FPS game from Ubisoft, will be incorporating characters from beyond just Tom Clancy titles, following the decision to detach the shooter from the overarching series.

Writing for WhatIfGaming, industry insider Tom Henderson claims that XDefiant’s faction system has had a shakeup. Originally, the four announced factions all representing various Tom Clancy series – Wolves from Ghost Recon, Echelons from Splinter Cell, and Cleaners and Outcasts from The Division. However, Henderson now reports that Outcasts have been, erm, casted out for the time being, and a new fourth faction has been created: DedSec. That name might sound familiar, because DedSec is a faction of secret hackers from another Ubisoft IP: Watch Dogs.

It seems that Ubisoft is going to be drawing inspiration from more than just the Tom Clancy games with XDefiant and will be turning to its other IPs. We personally can’t wait for the Rabbids faction…

Henderson also claims that the Wolves faction has had a rebrand, and will be now known as Phantoms.

As was previously revealed by Ubisoft, each faction plays a different role in XDefiant’s gameplay, with each having their own sets of abilities. Having DedSec roll up with its hacking expertise should certainly shake things up in the gameplay department.

As well as a new faction, five more maps have also reportedly been developed to bring the total up to 15. A firing range has apparently also been added, which will let you not only practice with weapons but see their actual damage values and TTKs – Call of Duty Warzone, please take notes.

The XDefiant release date, or even release window, still hasn’t been set by Ubisoft, but it appears development is coming along at a decent pace. It will be intriguing to see if the publisher decides include any more characters or groups from its other IPs in XDefiant, or whether Watch Dogs’ DedSecs will be the only cameo.