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Xbox Series X discount rumored to bring $130 saving for Black Friday

New leaks suggest that a great Xbox Series X discount is coming for Black Friday, which could save you around $130 on the Microsoft console.

Xbox Series X discount black friday deals

Xbox players are in for a treat as the holidays draw closer, because Black Friday deals are approaching, and we all love a bargain. If you’re looking to upgrade from your Xbox Series S, then this Xbox Series X discount isn’t to be missed. That’s if a new set of rumors come to fruition, which will give way to a sizeable saving on Microsoft’s flagship console.

According to reputable leaker ‘billbil-kun‘, the time to play new Xbox games with the Series X’s impressive hardware could be about to emerge. Reporting on potentially one of the best Black Friday Xbox deals, the leaker purports that “a promotional campaign organized by Microsoft” is in the works, and “should be available at all authorized resellers.”

While a roster of participating stores is yet to emerge, we speculate that retailers such as Amazon or the official Microsoft digital storefront will be, reflecting a saving of around 22%. That’s an estimated saving of $130/£130 per billbun-kun’s report, which claims that the Xbox Series X drop from its standardized $449/£450 price tag. Of course, this could change in the build to the deal’s launch. Nevertheless, this saving makes it a perfect time to consider some of the best Xbox games available, such as Starfield.

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The Xbox Series S is a powerhouse, don’t get us wrong. Compact and able to run many of the best Xbox Game Pass games without a hitch, it is an excellent piece of kit. Conversely, the Xbox Series X is the logical next step up if you want to add some more firepower under the hood. We think this is important when you’re considering resolutions for the best gaming TV setups, as the Xbox Series S only goes up to 2K (1440P), while its bigger counterpart reaches 4K (2160P).

In our Xbox Series X review, The Loadout notes that “since launch, it’s matured into a fine wine, with more than enough triple-A offerings to keep you busy on long, dark evenings. Providing you have a TV capable of 4K gaming at home, you’ll get everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more from the console.”

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As well as acting as a vessel for exploring all the best Xbox exclusives, we’ve found that we’ve got the most out of the console by tapping into the excellent array of Xbox accessories, like the best Xbox controllers and best Xbox headsets you can buy right now.