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Xbox and Hideo Kojima announce partnership on cloud game

Xbox and Kojima have announced that they are working together with a partnership on a new game. Although, very little has been said about the game

Xbox Hideo Kojima Game Partnership: Kojima can be seen pouting and giving a thumbs up to the camera, while wearing a Death Stranding BT detector.

After more than a year of rumours, Xbox and Kojima have finally made it official and announced that they have partnered together on an upcoming game.

This is crazy news considering Kojima has worked with PlayStation traditionally and getting Japanese developers to work on Xbox games has been a challenge. This new game will be using Microsoft’s “cutting edge” cloud technology for a “never-before-seen concept”. Hopefully, this should go a long way to helping broaden the audience of Xbox games and whatever Kojima is cooking up should be worth waiting for.

The announcement was brief, but the game is very early in development and we likely won’t see it for a long time. However, this is a groundbreaking announcement and you can bet that the game will be releasing on Xbox Game Pass whenever it does come out.

You can check out the announcement below:

Rumours of Hideo Kojima partnering up with Xbox first began in April 2021. Further reports suggesting that the legendary developer was aiming to work with Microsoft to craft a unique cloud-based game for the console manufacturer.

And, while the game is very clearly still a while away, it will inevitably end up on Game Pass and should be a massive boon to the service.

Just earlier this month in June 2022, a game called Overdose, which is reportedly developed by Kojima, was leaked. It isn’t clear yet if Overdose is the project Kojima Productions is working on for Xbox or if it is another project like Death Stranding 2, which Norman Reedus leaked in May 2022.

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