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This Razer headset for Xbox is now the cheapest it’s ever been

This fantastic Xbox headset, the Razer Kaira Pro, is now 40% off on Amazon, bringing the price down to $89.99, the lowest price we've ever known it to be.

Razer headset, Kaira Pro for Xbox on a plain background.

Games like Forza Horizon 5, Sea of Thieves, and Halo Infinite are all great plays, but if you’re playing without an Xbox headset, you’re missing out on a huge part of the experience. There’s nothing like being able to mock your friends in real time for losing the race, or getting killed by a skeleton pirate – and right now, it’s even easier to to just that, with Razer’s Kaira Pro headset at its lowest ever price on Amazon.

The Razer Kaira Pro has been specifically designed as an Xbox headset and it comes with Triforce Titanium 50mm drivers for exquisite sound quality. There’s also a Supercardioid Mic to allow ease and clarity of communication with fellow players, making it a real asset to any Xbox player.

On top of that, this headset is a comfy little rascal too. Ever used a poorly made, uncomfortable headset for a five hour gaming sesh? I bet your ears were mad at you after that. But the Razer Kaira Pro uses breathable memory foam ear cushions, which don’t trap heat, so it won’t feel like you’re slowly cooking your ears while you play.

We’ve been talking specifically about the black version of the Kaira Pro here, which, at 40% off, is down to $89.99 on Amazon. If you don’t like black, the good news is that it comes in other colours too – but the bad news is that those colours have smaller discounts. You can get the white one for 33% less (now $99.99), or you can get a special Halo Infinite version, which is awesome, but sadly still full price ($169.99).

Buy now

We don’t know exactly how long Amazon is going to keep this discount running, so if you want to get one, don’t take too long thinking about it. As this is the lowest we’ve ever seen this headset sold for, it’d be wise to snap up this bargain while you can. (If you’re in the UK, the discount is 27% and it’s down to £109.99).

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