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WWE 2K22 crossplay - can you play with people on other platforms?

Do you want to find out of WWE 2K22 has crossplay so that you can play with friends on different platforms? Read our WWE 2K22 crossplay guide

wwe 2k22 crossplay: wrestler points at the sky

WWE 2K22 is the latest wrestling game in the franchise from 2K Games. It’s a game about elbow-dropping your opponent until they cry for their mothers, at which time you pin them to the ground like a lion until the man in the black and white stripes counts to three.

And that’s not the kind of game you want to play alone. A wrestling game that allows you to duke it out as player-made characters needs a good multiplayer mode, and these days, that means it needs crossplay so that the player base stays healthy, allowing you to play with people from around the world no matter what platform they play on.

With WWE back after a short hiatus, we’ve gathered all the information in one neat guide to help you out if you’re looking to find out whether WWE 2K22 crossplay will be in the game at launch or not. Read on for all the latest details.


WWE 2K22 reportedly does not have crossplay. According to Gamepur, a spokesperson confirmed to them that the game will not be receiving any kind of cross-platform play.

You will, however, be able to share your Community Creations with those on all platforms, which includes wrestlers and rings. There will no doubt be loads of interesting and wacky characters, accessories, and locations created by the community to try out, making up for the lack of crossplay.

So while it seems like there won’t be crossplay in the game, it won’t be an entirely lonesome experience, even if it is far from ideal. If you’re still planning to play the game, then you might want to know if there will be a WWE 2K22 Game Pass release or read up on the WWE 2K22 ratings for all the superstars that will appear in the game.