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WRC 23 release date is racing toward players imminently, leaker claims

The WRC 23 release date could be racing toward us on PS5 and Xbox over the new few weeks, according to a new leak for the Codemasters racing game sequel.

WRC 23 release date

Aside from getting your racing thrills in Gran Turismo 7 or the upcoming Forza Motorsport, the WRC 23 release date might be the fuel injection you’re looking for. Coming from long-time developer Codemasters, the World Rally Championship franchise has seen many entries rank alongside the best racing games, and WRC 23 could gain the same reputation for PS5 and Xbox players. Now, it could be arriving in a matter of weeks.

The WRC 23 release date is Friday, July 28, 2023, according to notable leaker ‘billbil-kun’ via a recent post claim on their Twitter account. 

After posting a WRC 23 datamine that supposedly details the game’s achievements back in March, the leaker alleges that the “next WRC game will be indeed called WRC 23 “, which they claim is corroborated by Insider Gaming editor-in-chief Tom Henderson. It is purported that WRC 23 will be released on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC platforms, with players able to choose between purchasing the Standard and Champions Edition of the game. 

Though specifics of what potential cosmetics or vehicles will be included with the Champions Edition are yet to be revealed, billbil-kun reports that it will give players access to Seasons 1 to 5 of the game. Additionally, they say that “A 3-month WRC+ subscription should be included somewhere (Champions or Pre-order bonus).”

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An official announcement from developer Codemasters is yet to be made, but we speculate it will arrive soon, as the previous title WRC Generations was revealed on May 18, 2022, ahead of its November 3, 2022 release date. The WRC franchise has released a game every year since its revival in 2010, after laying dormant for five years.

The title format for the upcoming sequel marks a first for the franchise, as Codemasters introduces a yearly format, instead of continuing on from WRC 10 or opting for a subtitle like WRC 4: FIA World Rally Championship. Providing a different dose of adrenaline than racers like F1 23, the WRC games are a great alternative for players looking for a new challenge similar to Dirt 5.

However, if you can’t wait for the WRC 23 release date to arrive, we recommend checking out the latest batch of titles to drop within the PS Plus Extra and Premium May 2023 games roster.