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Big Black Friday deals include $80 off this 8TB HHD for PS5 and Xbox

Grab this fantastic Western Digital HDD so that you can enjoy enhanced and speedy performances in games like Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2

WD_Black 8TB HHD included in the Black Friday sales which would be ideal for Call of Duty players.

The Black Friday deals are in full swing, and we’ve found an especially exciting one for you: WD_Black 8TB HDDs are currently available at $169.99, saving you $80. These could be a great investment for anybody just getting into Warzone 2 who wants to cut down on load times and enjoy a smoother gameplay experience overall.

In the past, there have been official Call of Duty branded WD_Black HDDs released in order to emphasise the benefit that these pieces of kit have to offer COD fans. By loading the game through the HDD, you can enjoy speeds of 250 MB/s along with active cooling technology that helps to prevent overheating and slowdown when there’s an intense moment that needs a lot of processing power.

It could also be convenient for anybody having a difficult time with Modern Warfare 2 hardcore mode, who’s used to spawning in again and again. Of course, when you combine the fantastic HDD with the best Warzone 2 settings, you’ll be enjoy the absolute highest levels of performance in your favourite war game.

Meanwhile, the holiday season is just around the corner, and for a lot of gamers, that means they’ll be getting several new additions to their library. The extra 8TB of storage space might be the difference between welcoming a new game with open arms alongside your old favourite, and having to take the old classic round to the back of the barn with a shotgun in order to make room for the new blood. It’s compatible with PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, so that encompasses vast swathes of the gaming community.

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