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Valorant Van 1067 error code - how to fix

Recently updated to Windows 11? You might start seeing the Valorant Van 1067 error code - here’s what you need to do to get rid of it

Valorant Van 1067 Error Code: Cipher sitting thinking at a Chess board

Windows 11 is coming and upgrading to the newest version of Microsoft’s operating system is inevitable – but what does this have to do with Valorant? Well, it’s causing some problems with Valorant’s launch sequence and if you’re spotting Valorant Van 1067 error code, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps to fix things.

As a live service title, Riot Games is always updating Valorant – new cosmetics and balancing tweaks are the most common updates, but Valorant operates on a seasonal content schedule too. There’s always a new agent and a new map in the works. All of this means that there’s always a new set of Valorant patch notes to check out, too – however, you’re not going to find a fix for this particular issue in those.

If you need help fixing Valorant Van 1067 error code, we have everything you need to know below. Read on for more information, including what you need to do to fix this pesky bug.

How to fix Valorant Van 1067 error code

There are several steps you need to take when trying to fix the Valorant Van 1067 error code- here’s everything you need to do.

  • Enable TPM 2.0
  • Secure boot
  • Enable VGC Service

First, you’re going to need to completely shut down your PC in order to enter BIOS on start-up. You can do this by hitting F2 or DEL while your PC is going through its start-up procedure.

From here, you’ll need to enter Advanced Mode and look for the ‘Security’ or ‘Miscellaneous’ menu. Once you’re inside, you’re looking for the Intel Platform Trust Technology (IPTT) or AMD CPU fTPM option. You need to enable either one of these, which will depend on what CPU you’re using.

Once this setting is enabled, you will need to enable Secure Boot for your PC. This can be found in the same set of menus – look for either ‘Windows OS Configurations’ or ‘Boot options’.

When you have found either one of these, look for the ‘Secure Boot’ option and change your BIOS mode to UEFI mode. This should enable Secure Boot and allow you to restart the VGC service.

After you’ve done the above, you can boot up your PC and log in as usual.

Once you’re looking at your desktop, you need to hit Windows Key and R and type Services.msc into the text box available.

From here, look for a service named ‘vgc’ and select start from the right-click menu. This should fix Valorant Van 1067 error code and any launch issues with Windows 11.

If the problem still persists, you might need to revert back to Windows 10 or contact Riot Support. You can revert back to Windows 10 by selecting the Recovery Options in the System Settings menu and ‘go back to earlier build’ when prompted.