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Valorant to Halo Infinite sens - here’s how to convert your sensitivity

Switching from game to game and looking to perfect your aim? Here’s how to convert your Valorant to Halo sens so you can game in style

Valorant to Halo Infinite sens: Three spartans fire at one another in Halo Infinite

Looking for a way to take your sensitivity settings from one game to another? You aren’t alone. Ever since the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta reveal at the Xbox 20th anniversary showcase, thousands of players have been looking for a way to go from Valorant to Halo Infinite sens so they can carry on tapping heads in style.

Thanks to a few maths bods on the internet, we’ve finally worked out the formula behind the Valorant to Halo Infinite sens calculation – and it’s saving new Halo players plenty of time from sitting in the menus, tweaking sensitivity sliders ever so slightly at the start of their matches.

So if you’re looking for a way to dominate the game, here’s everything you need to know about the Valorant to Halo Infinite sens calculation, including how you do it, what stats you need to have on hand, and more.

Valorant to Halo sens

If you’re one of the many players looking to give the new Halo multiplayer a spin, then you’ll have no doubt spotted the game’s many in-game sensitivity sliders. But have no fear – there’s a way of converting your Valorant sensitivity for Halo Infinite specifically and it works wonders.

While there are many converters on the web that’ll do the calculation for you, there is a nice easy calculation that you can do to find out your new Halo Infinite sens in seconds. It’s so easy – even we can do it.

Here’s the Valorant to Halo Infinite sens calculation:

  • Your Valorant sens x 3.15

Using this Valorant to Halo Infinite sens calculation will give you a number that you can go away and plug into your game. This will allow you to run the same sensitivity between your competitive FPS games, allowing you to retain your muscle memory for those important clutch moments.

However, if, after playing with your new sensitivity doesn’t feel quite right, don’t be afraid to tweak it a bit further. Halo Infinite multiplayer is designed to play fast – and your old Valorant sensitivity might not fit quite right with that.

So there you have it, the best way to get your Valorant to Halo Infinite sens. While we’ve got you, make sure to check out our Halo Infinite multiplayer split-screen guide and read all about the Halo Infinite best guns.