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Who is the new Valorant agent? Neon release date and more

Everything you need to know about the Valorant new agent called Neon, including the full details of the Prime Gaming leak

Valorant new agent: Neon running through a beam of light

Chamber hasn’t long been part of the official Valorant roster, but we’ve already had a glimpse of the new Valorant agent. Revealed to the world through a Prime Gaming leak, the new agent looks absolutely electrifying.

The agent, who ahead of the official reveal was believed to be called Neon, Filipino and have an electricity-based kit. Her splash art, which was leaked by Amazon on New Years Eve – and later confirmed by Riot Games – shows Neon sprinting through a multicoloured area, away from two other agents. Given Neon’s codename is Sprinter, it’s likely Neon will be similar to Jett in terms of skill and kit.

But what else do we know about the Valorant new agent known as Neon now that she has been officially revealed and when can we expect Riot Games to release her into the wild? Here’s everything we know so far about the electrifying new character.

Valorant Neon release date

When will Neon be released in Valorant? We don’t yet know when the Neon release date is just yet, but the speedy character is expected at some point in 2022.

Episode 3, Act 3 is set to end on January 11, 2022 – so expect to see more information about Neon drop in the next couple of days as we ramp up to Episode 4.

Valorant Neon role

What role will Neon play in Valorant? Given Neon’s teaser suggests she’s speedy, it’s likely she will take on a similar role to Jett – a Duelist – but this is just speculation at the moment.

In the last State of the Agents blog post, Valorant character producer John Goscicki hinted that Neon can “outpace the rest of the roster” and has the ability to “slide straight into the fight.”

Valorant Neon abilities

We don’t yet know what Neon’s Valorant abilities are just yet for sure, but her reveal trailer shows that she appears to have an ability that allows her to speed up movement.

She also has a wall that she can summon, cornering off areas and focusing players into chokepoints. Her ultimate is a super that allows Neon to shoot electricity from her fingers and also cause what looks like an EMP explosion around her.

YouTube Thumbnail

It’s clear Neon’s main kit is built around speed and surprise, so expect to see some of her abilities make a mockery of equipment and teams that aren’t communicating well.

That’s all we know so far about Valorant’s new agent, Neon. However we’ll update this guide as and when new information floods in. For now though, check out our Valorant tier list and our guide to the best Valorant crosshairs.