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This Valorant bot is basically a Cypher cam for Discord

A new Discord bot allows players to track and see the Valorant stats of themselves and friends even when they're not in the game

agent cypher from valorant with discord bot for valorant release

If you ever wanted to keep track of your Valorant stats when you’re not in the game, then the release of a new Discord bot will let you do just that.

Taking to Reddit, the bot’s creator called ‘just-for-rVAL,’ explains that they’ve been working on a Discord bot that integrates with Valorant. The bot is called Spycam, which is a reference to the Valorant character Cypher’s in-game ability of the same name that allows players to place a spy camera on the map to gather intel on the opposition.

Spycam uses Riot’s official API for pulling the stats and Discord’s in-built slash commands to control the bot within the program itself. Using the /help command makes Discord message you anytime you or your friends play a game of Valorant, updating you on what kind of match was played, the score, K/D ratios, which map was played, and more.

Using the /profile command in Discord will allow you to view all of your stats from the act you’re currently playing in, depicting win/loss ratio, headshot percentage, and more. Meanwhile, the /streak command lets you see stats pertaining to your current winning or losing streak, like time elapsed and total KDA.

Since posting about Spycam on Reddit, just-for-rVAL says that their bot quickly hit the 100 server limit, and that Spycam is now on a waiting list to be fully verified by Discord so that it can be allowed to spread to more servers.

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