How to get access to Valorant’s closed beta

Everything you need to know about getting access to Riot Games' new shooter


We’re so close we can almost touch it. That’s right, Valorant’s closed beta is finally here. Of course, only a handful of content creators, streamers, and professional players have access to the game at the moment, but Riot Games is dropping loads of keys for people to try out the game themselves.

If you want to be one of those lucky gamers, then you better listen up. Currently only players living in Canada, Europe, Russia, Turkey, and the United States are eligible for a key and they’ll need to have their Riot account linked to their Twitch profile. You can do this in your Twitch account settings.

Then when that’s all done and dusted, you’ll need to don your lucky pants, gather all the four leaf clovers you possibly can, and any other lucky charms you may have, and watch any Valorant Twitch stream you can get your hands on.

Riot Games will then give a select number of viewers access to the beta, so make sure you check your emails to see if you’ve invited to try the shooter out and help shape its future.

For more information about the closed beta, like what will happen if you buy in-game currency, read on here.