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You can get Valorant beta access by watching Twitch any stream now

Riot Games is also increasing server capacity to meet demand

If you’re one of those unlucky souls who still hasn’t been able to get their hands on a Valorant drop, then don’t worry, Riot Games is making it easier for everyone. Now, all streamers on Twitch – not just the select few – will be able to drop keys on stream as long as they are actively playing the game and opt in to the in-game drops feature.

While this doesn’t increase the number of drops, it does spread the remaining number across more streams, giving you a better chance of getting access to the game. Valorant’s team have even gone through some of the most popular streams and given manual access to some of the most engaged viewers too.

In addition to opening up the drops to other streamers, Riot Games is ramping up the server loads by 25% to meet demand.

“Our goal with Valorant Closed Beta is to learn all the things we need to know going into launch, and one of those lessons is server load management,” Anna Donlon and Joe Ziegler say in their latest blog post.  “We are still in the active process of rolling out server infrastructure around the world—including more in EU and NA—and closed beta is doing a great job of telling us where we need to be.”

Currently the closed beta is only available to those in Europe, Canada, United States, Turkey, Russia, and CIS. However, Riot has confirmed it is looking to extend that to Brazil, LATAM, and Korea soon.