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Riot Games’ Valorant Agent 22 might be FPS games’ most relatable yet

Valorant FPS game developer Riot Games has just shared another Agent 22 teaser online and we think this could be the shooter's most relatable character yet.

Valorant Agent 22 teaser phone messages: an image of Jett and Sage from the FPS game

Developer Riot Games is continuing to share Valorant Agent 22 teasers online in lieu of a substantial announcement regarding the new character and we think they might just be one of the most relatable Agents in the FPS game yet.

During last week’s State of the Agents mini-broadcast, hosted by Valorant character producer John Goscicki, Riot Games offered us our first look at the shooter’s next playable character: the currently-unnamed Agent 22. This first look featured an image of a character’s legs, wearing checked trousers, stretched out on a tiled floor with a heads-up display showing an incoming call from Brimstone – named ‘Beard Papi’.

While the last Valorant Agent 22 teaser spawned some intriguing pet-based theories online, it also confirmed many fans’ suspicions that the upcoming Agent was going to be Latin American. It would be a stretch to say that this new Agent 22 teaser confirms that, but it does reinforce that sentiment while also presenting this particular character as quite relatable.

Why do we think this character is relatable? Well, all you need to do is check out the Valorant Agent 22 teaser for yourself right here – it’s a short animated clip showing a mobile phone in a dock on a desk recieving several group-chat text messages.

The first message in the teaser is from Brimstone and reads as follows:

“He didn’t pick up. Again. It’s completely unnacceptable. I think I’m being ghosted. – Brimstone”

Not only does this message seemingly confirm the gender of the next Valorant Agent – of which we have only known their codename of “SmokeDancer” (as shared by ValorLeaks here) – but it also confirms that the new Agent isn’t the best at answering their phone; this is something we can certainly relate to, especially if it’s someone like Brimstone on the other end of it.

After this first message, among the half-eaten cheeseburger and spilled pot of gummy bears, we can see several messages from the likes of Sage, Reyna, Jett, and Neon all talking about Agent 22. He clearly has somewhere to be, somewhere Brimstone wants him to be, and there seems to be a pre-established notion that this character is trustworthy – despite the fact that “he probably just has his phone off”.

Valorant Agent 22 teaser mobile messages image: an image of the teaser in question featuring a phone on a messy desk

In the warm glow of (supposedly) 17:29 on a Tuesday afternoon, we can also see several palm trees. This is a type of tree you can find throughout South America and the Carribean – which seems to reinforce the theories brought about by Brimstone’s “Beard Papi” name in this character’s phone.

We know a lot of you might not go as far as to leave a half-eaten burger on your desk, but there is a particular vibe being presented in this Valorant Agent 22 teaser we feel is quite relatable – or, at least, it’s a vibe we wish we had. This mystery character isn’t too bothered about clearing up, they’re not too concerned about keeping on top of their messeages, they’re just someone who likes boba and the sun in the late afternoon. It certainly sounds like a nice life, doesn’t it?

While you’re here, why don’t you check out the latest trailer for the Valorant Oni 2.0 bundle below:

YouTube Thumbnail

Interestingly, though, we still don’t know for sure whether Valorant Agent 22 is a pet-based character; there is something seemingly bouncing behind the phone screen. However, this could be movement attributed to ambient background movement – the wind blowing through the somewhat-open window, for example – and not a pet.

So, while we don’t know when Valorant Agent 22 is going to drop just yet, it’s always worth checking up on our Valorant Agent tier list while we wait for more. We can’t imagine there will be too many more teasers before something more substantial is shared, though.