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Valorant Agent 22 teaser spawns intriguing pet-based theories online

Riot Games' Valorant character producer has teased Agent 22 online and this FPS game's fans are picking it apart with several rather interesting theories.

Valorant Agent 22 teaser pet: an image of Brimstone from the FPS

Ahead of the next major update for Riot Games’ tactical FPS Valorant, character producer John Goscicki shared a smattering of details regarding Agent 22 and the “State of the Agents” in Valorant going into 2023. While we’re still waiting for the details from the Valorant developer, this game’s player base has been hard at work trying to figure out just who Valorant Agent 22 is and what we can expect from them. If the theories are true, we could all be in for a real treat come when the next Agent drops – hopefully in Episode 6 Act 2.

First, let’s talk about what we actually know about Valorant Agent 22. As per Goscicki’s State of the Agents broadcast, Agent 22 is going to be “bringing their own eclectic way to deal with situations… check corners… [and] plant the spike.”

We also know that Riot Games isn’t aiming for a “perfect balance” across the roles, when it comes to Agents in Valorant. This means we’re not necessarily going to see another Sentinel introduced just because there are fewer Sentinel-role Agents available right now.

But, what does this all mean for Valorant Agent 22? Well, as you can see in the comments under this Reddit thread from ‘TheAjwinner‘, it looks like the fans have it all figured out.

Valorant Agent 22 could be an Initiator, as this is the role Goscicki mentions first when detailing what players can expect from the next several Agents. This would also line up with his comments regarding spike-planting and corner-checking, too.

It also looks like Valorant Agent 22 might be Latin American – the fact they have saved Brimstone as ‘Beard Papi’ in their phone is a dead giveaway here. You can see the teaser image for yourself below:

Valorant Agent 22 teaser pet: an image of the teaser from Twitter

The one thing that’s puzzling everyone, though, is the boba cup to the left of the image and the clawed paws reaching for it. This has led to quite a few people speculating that Agent 22 is going to have some sort of pet, which they will use to help them plant spikes and peek around corners – which would be an interesting addition to the shooter. However, we just don’t know for sure, just yet, what Agent 22 is going to bring.

Goscicki does talk about how “the battlefield can be a super stressfull place”, suggesting that people just need some friends with them – and that not everyone needs to be so aggressive. So, it certainly does sound like a pet-based Agent could be on the way.

In addition to this, it looks like this pet could be an armadillo, as one Reddit user suggested, or another animal wearing some sort of armour. Another Reddit has also suggested that the incoming phone call display could be hinting at an Agent utilising some sort of smart glasses – as they’re certainly not looking at their phone screen. But, we’ll leave you to make up your own mind on that one.

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We want to make it clear that, right now, this is all speculation – Riot Games hasn’t confirmed anything when it comes to Agent 22 yet. However, if previous Agents are anything to go by, we should be getting someone very exciting. Valorant is getting three new Agents in 2023 and you can find out more about the current slate of them in our Valorant Agent tier list right here.