Turbo Golf Racing crossplay and cross-platform support explained

Does a golf game crossed with a racing game sound like your kind of thing? Well it's multiplayer, so here's everything we know about Turbo Golf Racing crossplay

turbo golf racing crossplay crossplatform car hitting golf ball from starting line

Turbo Golf Racing is what happens if Rocket League was about using your car for hitting giant golf balls to the end of a level in a race instead of into your opponent’s net in a perverted game of football. Sounds chaotic, right? Well, it might just be the perfect kind of chaos for you to gather your gaming friends and jump into, but if they’re all on different platforms, you might be wondering if Turbo Golf Racing crossplay is supported.

Fix up your vehicles, rev your engines, and polish up those golf balls that have been lying in the back of the shed for decades because our Turbo Golf Racing crossplay guide is here to fill you in on everything we know about whether this wacky racer come sports game can be played by players on different platforms.

Below, we’ve detailed all the latest information we have on the topic for your benefit.

Turbo Golf Racing crossplay and cross-platform support explained

Turbo Golf Racing supports crossplay across both PC and Xbox consoles. In fact, Turbo Golf racing has complete cross-platform matchmaking supporting up to eight players per match. This means that no matter where you and your friends choose to play, you can all race against each other.

Turbo Golf racing will also be coming to Game Pass for no additional cost to those who have subscribed to Microsoft’s service.

If you’re after more golf-racing goodness, read our Turbo Golf Racing release date guide to see when you can get those racing mitts on the game.

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