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SGB Shogun says he’s learned a lot from Gumayusi at MSI 2022

Saigon Buffalo's MSI 2022 Rumble Stage may have gotten off to a less-than-ideal start, but botlaner Shogun believes the team's learning a lot from its defeats

League of Legends MSI 2022 Shogun interview: Shogun giving the camera a thumbs-up

Saigon Buffalo’s MSI 2022 Rumble Stage run certainly got off to a rocky start today, with the VCS representative going 0-2. The team, which has been highlighted for its exciting, aggressive playstyle may have made its way through the first round of this year’s tournament, but it is already learning the hard way that the level at this stage of the competition is an order of magnitude greater than what it’s already experienced.

With that said, Saigon Buffalo showcased some solid moments of play throughout the day, particularly against PSG Talon where it nearly turned the tide during the mid-game. However, it wasn’t to be, with the PCS representative taking home the win. The loss to Evil Geniuses, meanwhile, was definitely a less-flattering affair.

Following the games, Saigon Buffalo young gun Nguyễn ‘Shogun’ Văn Huy spoke to The Loadout about the team’s day one performances, who he’s been learning the most from, and what he feels the team needs to do to bounce back.

Shogun, thank you so much for joining me today. I’d just like to start by getting your thoughts on the games that you played today, and how you felt you and the team performed despite not quite being able to take home the wins.

“I personally feel pretty awful because of our displays, but we actually got to learn a lot and we will try to correct our mistakes and come back even stronger tomorrow.”

Thinking about learnings, what are some of the biggest ones you and the team have taken from MSI 2022 so far?

“Personally, I have learned more about how to have a better laning phase. As a team we have learned more about organising our macro, and developed our understanding of the play styles from the other regions.”

Are there any players in particular you’ve learned a lot from?

“I’ve actually learned a lot from Lee ‘Gumayusi’ Min-hyeong, both in terms of playstyle and in how he executes a laning phase.”

What are some of those things you’ve picked up from Gumayusi’s laning and overall game?

“So there are a few things that I’ve learned. The first is how to organise a fight in the 2v2 lane. The second is how to hold and change positions when teamfighting. And the third is that he’s got some very good tricks [up his sleeve] to win lane.”

Speaking of Gumayusi, you have two big games against T1 and G2 tomorrow, what do you feel the team needs to bring to take home the win?

“I think we will try to surprise them with some very weird picks that will upset their gameplay.”

I’m looking forward to seeing them! This is your first international competition, and it’s come so soon into your career – what does it mean for you to be here at MSI?

“I’m very thankful for this experience, and I really want to play well and be welcomed by the fans – both the Korean fans and the international community alike”

The bot lane pool here at MSI is much broader than it has been throughout the regular season where we saw a lot of Aphelios and Jinx. What are your thoughts on the bot lane meta right now?

“I feel like the current meta in the bot lane has a lot of champions to choose from – so I think that’s great. There are many champions that can potentially allow me to outplay my opponents as well.”

Thinking ahead to the future, patch 12.10 is going to increase the durability of League’s champions. What are your thoughts on 12.10 and what it means for botlaners?

“I personally feel that the new 12.10 meta won’t affect my position that much, because as long as we can position well and continue to do the damage I think we will be fine.”

Last question: Do you feel that, as you are right now and with what you’ve learned so far, if you went back to VCS and replayed GAM in that Spring final would you win?

“I feel like after this MSI we will become an even stronger team. And that will allow us to have a rematch against GAM where I think we will win against them.”