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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands skill tree for all classes

Looking for an overview of the Tiny Tina's Wonderlands skill tree for your favourite class. Here is a rundown of each classes' skills

Tiny TIna's Wonderlands Skill Tree: A player can be seen using a spell

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has six different classes for you to try out and find your footing with, and as with Borderlands games each class’ skills are key to succeeding with them. But, if you are stuck on who to play then you may be looking for a skill tree overview for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands classes.

This guide will give you an overview of all of the classes: the Brr-Zerker, Clawbringer, Graveborn, Spellshot, Spore Warden, and Stabbomancer. Each class has its own speciality and playstyle, although as you make your way through the game you will be able to bring over abilities from other classes thanks to the multiclassing system.

Below you can find Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands skill tree overview, which will run you through the key skills on offer for every class, so you can get a better idea of who you should pick.

Tiny TIna’s Wonderlands Skill Tree

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has six different skill trees (one for each class), each with its own signature skills and combat focuses. Each class can also be merged into another via multiclassing. Below you can find a rundown of each one.

Tiny TIna's Wonderlands Skill Tree: The Brr-Zekrer can be seen performing an emote

Brr-Zerker skill tree

The Brr-Zerker class is all about being up close and personal with the skill tree focusing on unique melee attacks that can devastate foes and tough enemies.

The Class Feat for the Brr-Zerker, Rage of the Ancients, allows you to become Enraged after using a skill, adding frost damage to your attacks.

The Brr-Zerker’s active skills are Dread Wind, which allows you to spin to win, slashing enemies in a radius around you, and Feral Surge, which allows you to leap towards a target and create a frosty impact upon landing.

The full Brr-Zerker skill tree can be seen below:

  • Rage Of The Ancients (Class Feat) – Become Enraged after using an action skill adding frost damage to attacks. Enrage duration doesn’t deplete while an action skill is active. Activating a skill when Enraged restores a portion of the Enrage timer.
  • Dread Wind (Active Skill) – Spin around slashing nearby enemies. Grants increased movement speed and slow immunity for a duration.
  • Feral Sugre (Active Skill) – Leap towards a target dealing Frost damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Ancestral Frost (Tier One) – Increase frost damage.
  • Savagery (Tier One) – Increase melee damage. Increase Enrage duration.
  • Unyielding (Tier One) – Regenerate a percentage of health over time. The effect is doubled when Enraged.
  • Icebreaker (Tier Two) – Increased damage to slowed and frozen enemies.
  • The Old Ways (Tier Two) – Increased damage reduction and damage the closer you are to enemies.
  • Instinct (Tier Two) – Reload and weapon swap speed is increased. The effect is doubled when Enraged.
  • Cold Snap (Tier Three) – Movement speed and frost efficiency are increased. The effect is doubled when Enraged.
  • Unarmored Defence (Tier Three) – Reserve a portion of Ward to increase max health.
  • Blood Frenzy (Tier Three) – Kill Skill: Restore a percentage of your Enrage timer and health on a kill.
  • Ancient Fury (Tier Four) – Increase max health and splash damage.
  • Relentless Rage (Tier Four) – Damaging an enemy while in Save Your Soul extends its duration. Killing an enemy in Save Your Soul will activate Enraged.
  • Blast Chill (Tier Five) – When dealing melee damage there is a chance to release a Frost Nova ability.
  • Iron Squall (Tier Five) – Increase your fire rate and melee attack speed. The effect is doubled when Enraged.
  • Blood of the Fallen (Tier Six) – Kill Skill: Reduce action skill cooldown on enemy kills. If action skills are already active, extend the duration of them instead.

Tiny TIna's Wonderlands Skill Tree: The Clawbringer can be seen calling their hammer to them

Clawbringer SKill Tree

The Clawbringer skill tree is all about working together with your wyvern companion to deal devastation alongside your large hammer which you wield.

The Class Feat, Wyvern Companion, kind of does what it says on the tin. It gives you a Wyvern companion who can fly around and attack with fire breath and its claws. Damage buffs are also transferred to your companions.

When it comes to active skills, Cleansing Flames allows you to summon a hammer and slam it into the ground. You can also create a Fire Nova, which deals fire damage. Storm Dragon’s Judgment allows you to throw that hammer to deal lightning damage to all the enemies it hits.

The full Clawbringer skill tree can be seen below:

  • Wyvern Companion (Class Feat) – Gain a Wyvern Companion that can fly and attacks with its claws and fire breath. Any increase to your damage will also apply to your Companion.
  • Cleansing Flames (Active Skill) – Summon a Hammer and slam in to the ground dealing Melee damage. Creates a Fire Nova dealing fire ability damage to nearby enemies.
  • Storm Dragon’s Judgment (Active Skill) – Throw a Hammer dealing lightning ability damage to all enemies it hits. When recalled or the skill expires, lightning melee damage will be dealt where the hammer landed.
  • Oath of Fire (Tier One) – Bonus fire damage with guns and your Wyvern Companion.
  • Radiance (Tier One) – Increase maximum Ward capactiy.
  • Oath of Thunder (Tier One) – Bonus lightning damage with melee attacks and your Wyvern Companion.
  • Dragon Aura (Tier Two) – Gain a Dragon Aura that grants you and allies within it extra elemental damage.
  • Dedication (Tier Two) – Increase action skill cooldown rate. The higher your Ward the greater the bonus provided.
  • Rebuke (Tier Two) – Damage reduction from all attacks. Allies near the player gain the chance to deflect damage back as lightning damage.
  • Blasthamut’s Favor (Tier Three) – Kill Skill: Killing an enemy with a gun summons a Fire Orb. Killing an enemy with melee damage summons a lightning orb.
  • Fire Bolt (Tier Four) – Increased gun damage and your Wyvern Companion occasionally shoots fire bolts.
  • Friend To Flame (Tier Four) – Your Wyvern Companion gains increased damage.
  • Storm Breath (Tier Four) – Increased damage reduction and your Wyvern Companion occasionally uses lightning breath.
  • AWE (Tier Five) – Dealing fire damage increases your critical hit damage. Dealing lightning damage increases your critical hit chance.
  • Indomitable (Tier Five) – When downed, instead refill Ward and deal bonus lightning damage for a short period.
  • Storm Smite (Tier Six) – Activating an action skill will call down elemental bolts that deal fire or lightning damage to all enemies.

Tiny TIna's Wonderlands Skill Tree: The Graveborn can be seen after performing an attack

Graveborn Skill Tree

The Graveborn skill tree is about raising the dead and using dark magic to leech health and power off of foes.

The Demi-Lich Companion Class Feat gives you a companion of the same name that targets enemies at range, deals Dark Magic and Hellish Blast when you cast a spell.

Active skills for the class include Dire Sacrifice, which allows you to sacrifice health to deal Dark Magic damage. Reaper of Bones is the more powerful skill, fully healing you, gaining Leech Efficiency & dealing bonus dark magic damage. However, you will lose health per second and upon death become invulnerable, restoring a chunk of health in the process.

The full Graveborn skill tree can be seen below:

  • Demi-Lich Companion (Class Feat) – Gain a Demi-Lich companion that targets enemies at range and deals Dark Magic damage. When casting a spell, the Demi-Lich will cast Hellish Blast. Any increase to damage will also apply to your companions.
  • Dire Sacrifice (Active Skill) – Sacrifice health to deal Dark Magic damage and status effect to nearby enemies. Deals extra damage proportional to your health sacrificed.
  • Reaper of Bones (Active Skill) – Fully heal, gain Leech efficiency and deal bonus Dark Magic damage but lose health per second. Upon dying, you become invulnerable and restore some health.
  • Mortal Vessel (Tier One) – Increase max health and Leech efficiency.
  • Essence Drain (Tier One) – Kill Skill: Spell cooldown rate is increased on a kill.
  • Faithful Thralls (Tier One) – Deal bonus damage for each companion you have.
  • Sanguine Sacrament (Tier Two) – Regenerate health for a brief duration when you cast a spell.
  • Dark Pact (Tier Two) – Increase Dark Magic damage.
  • Harvest (Tier Two) – Kill Skill: Companions deal Dark magic damage on enemy kills (stackable)
  • Dread Covenant (Tier Three) – Portion of damage taken redirected to your Demi-Lich companion. When your health reaches 1 you can restore your health and sacrifice the Demi-Lich.
  • Stain of the Soul (Tier Three) – Spells deal bonus Dark Magic damage.
  • Dark Hydra (Tier Three) – Kill Skill: Chance to summon a Dark Hyrda companion on an enemy kill.
  • Ascension (Tier Four) – Kill Skill: Increase max health and spell damage on kills. (stackable)
  • Punishment (Tier Four) – When your Demi-Lich companions casts Hellish Blast there is a chance it will be cast again.
  • Lord of Edges (Tier Five) – Increased damage and damage reduction the lower your health gets.
  • Blast Gasp (Tier Five) – When dealing spell damage, there is a chance to create an explosion dealing ability damage.
  • Morhaim’s Blessing (Tier Six) – Casting a spell automatically activates all kill skills.

Tiny TIna's Wonderlands Skill Tree: The Spellshot class can be seen cummoning magic

Spellshot Skill Tree

The Spellshot is all about long-range fighting and devastating battlefields of foes with magic and Spellweaving powers.

The Class Feat is called Spellweaving which grants you a buff of the same name when reloading a weapon or casting a spell. For each stack of the buff, spell damage is increased and decay is also increased.

Ambi-Hextrous is the first active skill and allows you to equip a spell in the slot. Polymorph is the second active skill and turns enemies into a Skeep for a few seconds. Damaging a skeep can give you the chance to cast a free spell. If an opponent is immune to being turned into a skeep, you can cast a free spell on that enemy and gain two stacks of Spellweaving.

The full Spellshot skill tree can be seen below:

  • Spellweaving (Class Feat) – Casting a spell or reloading a weapon grants a Spellweaving stack. Stacks increase Spell damage and decay and casting a repeating spell has a chance to award additional stacks.
  • Ambi-Hextrous (Active Skill) – Allows you to equip a spell into this slot.
  • Polymorph (Active Skill) – Turns enemies into a Skeep for a few seconds and damaging a skeep has a chance to cast a free spell. If an enemy is immune you can cast a free Spell on that enemy and gain two Spellweaving stacks.
  • Spell Sniper (Tier One) – Increase spell critical hit chance.
  • Magic Bullets (Tier One) – Portion of all spell damage bonuses are applied to guns.
  • Prestidigitation (Tier One) – Increase reload speed.
  • Font of Mana (Tier Two) – Increase spell and action skill cooldown rate.
  • Mage Armor (Tier Two) – Restore Ward when you gain a stack of Spellweaving.
  • Just Warming Up (Tier Two) – Increase fire rate for every Spellweaving stack.
  • Glass Cannon (Tier Three) – Ward no longer automatically regenerates, but you gain drastically increased spell damage.
  • Imbued Weapon (Tier Four) – When casting a spell, guns deal bonus damage of the spell’s element.
  • High-Thread Count (Tier Four) – Increase max Spellweaving stacks.
  • War Caster (Tier Four) – Kill Skill: Chance your weapon is instantly reloaded when killing an enemy. Chance is increased for every Spellweaving Stack.
  • Double Knot (Tier Five) – Deal bonus damage equal to your guns’ element when a Spell lands a critical hit.
  • One Slot, One Kill (Tier Five) – Increased gun damage per Spellweaving stack.
  • Sever The Thread (Tier Six) – Critical hits with guns have a chance to reset all Spell cooldowns.

Tiny TIna's Wonderlands Skill Tree: The Spore Warden can be seen aiming a bow

Spore Warden Skill Tree

The Spore Warden is all about draining your opponents’ health slowly thanks to poison damage and a mushroom companion.

The Spore Warden’s Class Feat is Mushroom Companion. This allows you to spawn a small fun guy to run around with you and deal poison damage to enemies. It can also be directed to lunge at an enemy.

Active skills for the class include Blizzard, which creates three Frost Cyclones that seek out enemies and deal frost damage, and Barrage, which allows you to summon an ethereal bow to fire seven arrows that deal damage and ricochet off the environment.

The full Spore Warden skill tree can be seen below:

  • Mushroom Companion (Class Feat) – Gain a Mushroom Companion that deals Poison damage. Your companion can be directed to lunge towards an enemy. Any increase in your damage applies to your companions.
  • Blizzard (Active Skill) – Creates three Frost Cyclones for a duration that seek out enemies dealing Frost ability damage.
  • Barrage (Active Skill) – Summon an Ethereal Bow firing 7 arrows that deal ability damage and ricochet off the environment. Increases in gun damage apply to the ability.
  • Bounty of the Hunt (Tier One) – Kill Skill: Action skill cooldown increased for a duration upon a kill.
  • Kindred Heart (Tier One) – Companions’ health and damage is increased.
  • Eagle Eye (Tier One) – Gun damage and gun handling is increased.
  • Affinity (Tier Two) – Ability damage is increased.
  • Spore Cloud (Tier Two) – Your Mushroom Companion will occasionally taunt enemies and leave a poison cloud dealing damage over time.
  • Bullseye (Tier Two) – Gun and companions’ critical hit chance is increased.
  • Quiver of Holding (Tier Three) – Regenerate ammo on equipped weapon and increase magazine size.
  • Medical Mushroom (Tier Three) – While in ‘Save Your Soul’ your Mushroom Companion can revive you.
  • Windrunner (Tier Three) – Kill Skill: Increased movement speed and fire rate on kills. (stackable)
  • Thrill Of The Hunt (Tier Four) – Gun critical hits grant companions damage. (stackable)
  • Called Shot (Tier Four) – Gain increasing gun damage and damage reduction while aiming down sights.
  • Wrath of Nature (Tier Five) – Enemies take increased damage from all sources after taking ability damage.
  • Headhunter (Tier Five) – Gun damage dealt to critical hit areas is increased.
  • Play The Angles (Tier Six) – Critical hits have a chance to ricochet dealing reduced ability damage. Ricocheted shots have a chance to ricochet multiple times.

Tiny TIna's Wonderlands Skill Tree: The Stabbomancer can be seen holding two fingers up as their blade spins in front of them

Stabbomancer Skill Tree

The Stabbomancer is all about pure, untainted damage, whether it be from range or close up.

The Class Feat is called Dirty Fighting and quite simply increases your critical hit chance. It isn’t the fanciest Class Feat, but it is a powerful one.

Ghost Blade is the first active skill and it allows you to throw out a Ghost Blade that spins towards targets. Activating it again allows you to teleport to where the blade landed. The second active skill is From The Shadows and it allows you to turn invisible. When invisible all your damage is a critical hit, but the overall damage from those hits is reduced.

The full Stabbomancer skill tree can be seen below:

  • Dirty Fighting (Class Feat) – Critical hit chance is increased.
  • Ghost Blade (Active Skill) – Throw out a Ghost Blade which spins in place at the target location dealing melee damage periodically. Activating the skill a second time will let you teleport to the targeted location.
  • From The Shadows (Active Skill) – Enter stealth and turn invisible. While in stealth all damage dealt is automatically a critical hit but critical hits deal reduced damage.
  • Arsenal (Tier One) – Increase melee damage, spell damage, and gun damage.
  • Haste (Tier One) – Increase melee attack speed, movement speed and doubles the bonus when you cast a spell.
  • Potent Poisons (Tier One) – Status effect damage and status effect duration is increased.
  • Follow Up (Tier Two) – Increase follow-up melee attack damage after dealing gun damage.
  • Swift Death (Tier Two) – While moving gain increased damage. The faster you move the higher the buff.
  • Exploit Their Weakness (Tier Two) – Enemies take extra damage from all sources when you apply a status effect. (stackable per effect)
  • Nimble Finger (Tier Three) – Increased fire rate and spell damage when dealing melee damage.
  • Shadow Step (Tier Three) – Kill Skill: Next melee attack is guaranteed to be a critical hit.
  • Sneak Attack (Tier Four) – Critical hit damage is increased.
  • Elusive (Tier Four) – Shoot and sprint at the same time. Gain the chance to evade when moving.
  • Contagion (Tier Four) – Chance for status effects to spread and deal a percentage of status effect damage to enemies.
  • A Thousand Cuts (Tier Five) – Critical Hits grant increased damage. (stackable)
  • Alchemical Agent (Tier Five) – Critical hits with melee attacks apply random status effects.
  • Executioner’s Blade (Tier Six) – Gun and spell critical hits have a chance to create an Ethereal Blade enemy. These blades deal melee damage equivalent to your equipped melee weapon.

That covers everything you need to know about the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands skill tree and the individual skill trees for all the classes. For more on the game, check out the latest Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Shift codes for Skeleton Keys in the game.