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The Last of Us Part 1 remake best skills to upgrade

The Last of Us Part 1 remake's best skills are the ones that help your survvial and ensure you are able to hold out in a fight. Here are our recomendations

The Last of Us Part 1 Best Skills: Joel can be seen shooting some Runners

Rightfully, The Last of Us Part 1 has a very old-school approach to its skill system. After all, it is a game from 2013. So, you won’t see a huge skill tree here, but there are a few select best skills in The Last of Us Part 1 remake that we would suggest you focus on grabbing in the early hours of the game.

These skills hone in on some of the key aspects of survival that you will need on your side like extra health or more accurate weapons. And, while any of the skills are worth grabbing, these are the ones that have the most significant effect on gameplay.

Below, you can find our picks for the best skills in The Last of Us Part 1 remake.

The Last of Us Part 1 remake best skills

Here are our three recommendations for the best skills in The Last of Us Part 1 remake. These should be the ones you focus on upgrading first:

Maximum Health

The Maximum health skill is expensive but undoubtedly important. Survival is the most important part of your journey through the game and in order to do that, especially on higher difficulties, extra health isn’t a bad way to go.

The boosts to your health are sizeable and should help you fight off a group of Runners or Clickers. You will need a lot of supplements though, but our supplements locations guide should help you out.

Listen Mode Distance

The second skill we recommend focusing on is Listen Mode Distance. Being able to track your enemies as you are stealthing around a level is vital to not being overwhelmed and picking people off.

This will allow you to hear further and better keep track of everyone, so you can make better use of your resources.

Weapon Sway

The final skill we recommend you buy is the Weapon Sway skill. Weapon Sway is one of the most unpredictable factors in the game and being able to mitigate that will keep you on target and your shots accurate.

It won’t completely remove the effect, but it will allow you to better line up pistol shots or arrows from a further distance.

That covers The Last of Us Part 1 remake’s best skills. These should help you out initially or on your first playthrough before you start deciding where to spend your supplements in the latter half of the game. For more when it comes to tips for the game, check out our guides in our walkthrough hub for the remake.