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The Last of Us Part 1’s PS5 remake isn’t a “cash grab”, says dev

Another iteration of The Last of Us is coming out in September 2022 and one developer has taken to Twitter to defend it from fans calling it a “cash grab”

The Last of Us Remake dev defends cash grab: an image of Ellie looking confused

Whether you like it or not, another The Last of Us Remake is coming and it’s coming soon. When you consider the graphical and gameplay improvements between The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part 2, there is justification for a remake – jumping from the first game to the sequel can be jarring for players looking to experience the full narrative. However, the game’s high price point is drawing a lot of criticism from fans – with many calling its release a ‘cash grab’. Defending the $70 asking price, one developer has taken to Twitter to highlight the work that’s gone into remaking the game.

Robert Morrison, an animator credited on The Last of Us Part 1, has refuted claims that “it’s just a cash grab” by stating that “actually, it’s the most meticulously built and crafted project that [he has] ever seen or been a part of in [his] entire career.”

Elaborating on this slightly, Morrison does make it clear that the game’s price is out of his control and that the game’s “worth is subjective to each individual”; however, he is “in awe of the work that an amazing group of people did on the project… A tremendous amount of passion was put into it.”

It’s not been a decade since The Last of Us’ original release on the PS3 and fans of the series are clearing their hard drives for the third iteration of the same game – and, if you were wondering why fans have an issue with this game, you just need to look in the replies to Morrison’s statement.

The Last of Us Part 2 “literally added nothing to the game – aside from a jump button”, says one Twitter user. “There is literally no reason the game should be priced at $70… Why would I get this when I can play the same game [for] $60 cheaper”, says another. Parris Lilly, a popular content creator for Kinda Funny and Gamertag Radio, has also weighed in on the debate with the following statement:

“ The issue isn’t them remaking the game, the issue for me is them charging $70 for that… Show me why I should pay $70 for a game I’ve played two iterations of in the last nine years.”

The fact that there’s a HBO series based on The Last of Us in development is, as many people critical of the price point admit, a good reason to remaster and remake the first title. However, fans are divided on whether asking for the same amount of money you’d be paying for brand new Triple-A games is the right call.

At the moment, we haven’t seen a lot about what makes The Last of Us Part 1 actually different from the game’s latest release – beyond the graphics, anyway – but, this could be a completely new experience with the adoption of The Last of Us Part 2’s gameplay mechanics and improved features. However, only time will tell how different it is and only we as individuals can decide whether the remake is really worth it.

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