What is The Callisto Protocol song in the credits and game?

Good videogame songs get stuck in our head and The Callisto Protocol song from the credits and other parts of the game may be one of those

The Callisto Protocol song: Dani and Jacob in The Callisto Protocol

You may have a new song stuck on loop inside your brain after escaping Black Iron Prison, and that is likely The Callisto Protocol song. Played in the credits of this debut horror game from Striking Distance Studios, you’re probably hoping you can find the song name to add it to your Spotify playlist or whichever music service you use.

For those at the end of the game, you may be wondering if you can go onto a new run with a The Callisto Protocol new game plus mode to hear the song again in-game. Or perhaps you’ll want to play through certain missions with a The Callisto Protocol chapter select while humming along to the melodic tune. However, to get there you will need to know what the song is..

The Callisto Protocol credits song

The song that plays in The Callisto Protocol, including the credits is Lost Again by Kings Elliot. It’s a theme produced specifically for the game. You can find Lost Again on the streaming service of your choice here.

For those who use Spotify as their streaming service of choice, here’s the song below:

We’ve added the song to our playlists since we rolled credits on The Callisto Protocol, and we can’t help but have it stuck on repeat in our heads!

Now you can add The Callisto Protocol song to your playlists too and listen to it at your heart’s content. Before you plug in your earbuds and start playing Lost Again on repeat, you should probably find the locations of all of The Callisto Protocol secret rooms in case you missed them. There’s also plenty of collectibles to find in Black Iron Prison too, like The Callisto Protocol Implants and The Callisto Protocol Audio Logs, as well as other items which we have guides for in our The Callisto Protocol walkthrough.