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The Callisto Protocol on PS5 “visceral and immersive” with DualSense

Striking Distance Studios' The Callisto Protocol is shaping up to be one of the best horror games out there and now we know how the PS5 DualSense will help out

The Callisto Protocol PS5 DualSense features interview: An image of a tooth-full monster creature looking at Jacob Lee

We know The Callisto Protocol sounds like a much gorier version of Dead Space, but there’s going to be a lot more to this experience than Glen Schofield’s previous horror games. Of course, with it being over nine years since the last Dead Space game dropped, that’s to be expected – what with the advancements in technology and storytelling. However, those of you with one of Sony’s fancy new PS5 consoles will be pleased to know that the DualSense is going to play a huge part in making The Callisto Protocol “visceral and immersive”, according to Striking Distance Studios’ chief creative officer Chris Stone.

Speaking with Inverse on what makes The Callisto Protocol much more than a successor to EA’s Dead Space series, Stone has revealed that an often-overlooked feature on Sony’s DualSense controller is going to be a driving force behind the atmospheric horror players can expect to experience with Jacob Lee in Black Iron Prison.

“ Just having that little speaker in the controller has been awesome for horror. The noise is kind of trickling out of the controller [and] being able to play with that has been a lot of fun.”

Continuing, Stone explains that “the feeling [Striking Distance Studios] are able to deliver back to the player during combat will be very visceral and immersive.”

That is exactly what we want from The Callisto Protocol, isn’t it? This game looks absolutely brutal, as gruesome as they come, really. Elsewhere in Stone’s interview with Inverse, he explains how that came to be – and it’s certainly eyebrow-raising.

“ We looked at crime scene photos,” Stone begins. “We even looked at this drug that these people take, and it kind of makes their skin fall off. We looked at just some horrible things. We designed some of our enemies from the inside out… I cannot unsee the things that I’ve seen to make this game.”

It’s safe to say that we here at The Loadout are looking forward to this twisted new survival horror from Striking Distance Studios. If this latest revelation has piqued your interest, you can find out more about when you can play it here, with our guide to The Callisto Protocol release date – which also contains some gameplay footage.

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