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The Callisto Protocol’s enemies can mutate in real time

Opening Night Live featured some new The Callisto Protocol gameplay, which showcases real-time mutations where enemies can regrow limbs

The Callisto Protocol gameplay: A gory face of a zombie-like alien creature

Opening Night Live has just given us a fresh, blood-spattered look at The Callisto Protocol, showing us yet another disturbing death for our poor protagonist and a cool new “mutation” mechanic for the space horror’s enemies.

The new Callisto Protocol gameplay features main man Jacob Lee sneaking around some of those terrifying enemies, using his gravity pistol to launch enemies into a revolving mechanism (with gory results).

However, after blowing the head off of one of the enemies, the new mutation system is there for all to see. A sprawl of tentacles emerge out of the gaping wound, and in real time, a new head forms. Shooting the tentacles early will prevent this, however if you can’t take them out, your previously maimed enemy will, erm, un-maim itself.

As is explained by The Callisto Protocol lead Glen Schofield during Opening Night Live, enemies will “mutate in front of you into something bigger, badder, faster, [and] meaner.”

As well as the reveal of this new gameplay feature, we also saw yet another harrowing death scene for Jacob as he slides down some rapids. At the end is a rotating fan – something that he doesn’t manage to avoid. The result? Getting sliced clean in half. Lovely.

With The Callisto Protocol release date set for December, there isn’t too long to wait before you can get hands on with this absolute gore fest.