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Terminator survival game seemingly in development at new studio

A Terminator survival game is seemingly in development at newly formed Nacon Milan as people have found a reference to the franchise in concept art

Terminator Survival Game Nacon Milan: A Terminator can be seen, alongside another image showing a player with their back against a pillar.

A new Terminator survival game is seemingly in development at newly-formed studio Nacon Milan. Nacon announced yesterday that it has scaled up its internal developer, RaceWard Studio, and changed its name to Nacon Studio Milan.

Within the announcement for that new studio, Nacon Milan confirmed that they are “working on a brand-new project: a survival game based on one of the world’s most popular film franchises”. Initially, it wasn’t clear what franchise this could be, however after looking at some concept art, Gematsu has spotted a link between the environments depicted and the Terminator franchise.

The piece of concept art highlighted shows a post-apocalyptic city, with a number of stores situated next to a run-down highway. Within the art, the same Alamo Sport Shop which can be seen in the films appears, seemingly suggesting that this survival game will be set within the Terminator franchise.

Additional bits of concept art, show multiple players seemingly hiding from something in an underground subway station that has collapsed.

We will hear more about Nacon Milan’s project later this year, where hopefully we can get a good understanding of what type of survival game it is and if it is PvE or PvP focused.