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TFT Set 8 champions, costs, and more

The TFT Set 8 champions list is here, and alongside every champion in Riot Games' auto chess game you'll be able to find their cost, as well as their traits

TFT Set 8 champions: Miss Fortune

The brand new Teamfight Tactics set has finally been revealed. TFT Set 8 ‘Monsters Attack!’ is set to feature all sorts of familiar faces – especially if you’re well-versed in Runeterran lore. Additionally, for the first time, there are some TFT Set 8 champions that haven’t been spotted recently, or at all.

But what are the TFT Set 8 champions, how much do they cost, and which TFT Set 8 traits do they fall under? Fortunately, we’ve got the lowdown on the champions coming to developer Riot Games’ hit auto chess game, so read on to learn more.

TFT Set 8 champions

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about the TFT Set 8 champions. If you have yet to brush up on what each trait does, then be sure to check out our TFT Set 8 traits guide.

Champion Cost Trait(s)
Alistar 3 Aegis, Ox Force
Annie 2 Gadgeteen, Ox Force
Aphelios 5 Arsenal, Ox Force
Ashe 1 LaserCorps
Aurelion Sol 4 Threat
Bel’Veth 4 Threat
Blitzcrank 1 A.D.M.I.N, Brawler
Camille 2 A.D.M.I.N
Cho’Gath 3 Threat
Draven 2 Ace, Mecha: PRIME
Ekko 4 Aegis, Star Guardian
Ezreal 2 Underground
Fiddlesticks 5 Corrupted, Threat
Fiora 2 Duelist, Ox Force
Galio 1 Civilian
Gangplank 1 Duelist, Supers
Janna 5 Civilian, Forecaster
Jax 3 Brawler, Mecha: PRIME
Jinx 2 Anima Squad
Kai’Sa 3 Star Guardian
Kayle 1 Duelist, Underground
LeBlanc 3 A.D.M.I.N, Hacker
Lee Sin 2 Brawler, Supers
Leona 5 Aegis, Mecha: PRIME
Lulu 1 Gadgeteen
Lux 1 Star Guardian
Malphite 2 Supers
Miss Fortune 4 Ace, Anima Squad
Mordekaiser 5 Ace, LaserCorps
Nasus 1 Anima Squad,
Nilah 3 Duelist, Star Guardian
Nunu & Willump 5 Gadgeteen
Poppy 1 Defender, Gadgeteen
Rammus 3 Threat
Rell 2 Defender, Star Guardian
Renekton 1 Brawler, LaserCorps
Riven 3 Anima Squad, Brawler, Defender
Samira 4 Ace, Underground
Sejuani 4 Brawler, LaserCorps
Senna 3 LaserCorps
Sett 4 Defender, Mecha: PRIME
Sivir 2 Civilian
Sona 3 Underground
Soraka 4 A.D.M.I.N
Sylas 1 Anima Squad
Syndra 5 Star Guardian
Taliyah 4 Star Guardian
Talon 1 Ox Force
Urgot 5 Threat
Vayne 3 Anima Squad, Duelist
Vel’Koz 3 Threat
Vi 2 Aegis, Brawler, Underground
Viego 4 Ox Force
Wukong 1 Defender, Mecha: PRIME
Yasuo 2 Duelist, LaserCorps
Yuumi 2 Star Guardian
Zac 4 Threat
Zed 4 Duelist, Hacker, LaserCorps
Zoe 3 Gadgeteen, Hacker

And there you have it, every TFT set 8 champion that you can load your board up with as you look to scale the TFT ranks. For a more comprehensive change list, then check out the full TFT patch notes.