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Stellar Blade makes you work for your Deluxe Edition content

The Stellar Blade Deluxe Edition content is going to take a couple of hours of play to get to, but it’s more than worth the wait on PS5.

Eve wearing gold-rimmed glasses and a shiny, golden outfit, next to the PlayStation logo

Stellar Blade has finally landed, and if you’ve pre-ordered the Stellar Blade Deluxe Edition then you’ll receive some extra in-game goodies when you finally load into Shift Up’s Naytiba-slaying RPG on PS5. The only issue is you can’t actually access these premium extras off the rip. So fear not – you haven’t been scammed, the game isn’t bugged, and I’m here to let you know how to claim your Deluxe Edition loot. There are very light spoilers ahead, but nothing that will have you angrily emailing me.

I’ve already been on the hunt for the Deluxe Edition content, and I can tell you straight up that you’ll be waiting a couple of hours before the PS5 exclusive will cough up the goods. It’s a bit of a pain considering the extra SP and Gold always come in handy – especially in RPG games – but I understand why Shift Up doesn’t want to overstat you while you’re learning the ropes.

Anyway, the short answer is you’ll need to wait until you reach Xion – the central hub for all things humanity in Stellar Blade. Once you defeat the final boss on Eidos 7 – the game’s opening area and the region you’ll be very familiar with if you played the demo – you’ll venture over to Xion.

Stellar Blade Deluxe Edition content how to: the location of the bonus items marked with a lime green circle

After landing, you’ll immediately be presented with a campsite – you won’t be able to utilize it just yet, but that’s not an issue. As you begin your journey from the ship into town, you’ll have to cross over a long bridge. But wait, what’s that tiny, shiny loot box on the ground next to the bridge? Crack it open, and voila! All of your Deluxe Edition drip will be deposited into your inventory.

If you can’t remember what comes with the premium edition of Stellar Blade, here’s the full rundown:

  • Stargazer Suit for EVE
  • Half-rim Glasses for EVE
  • Quadruple Rectangle Earrings for EVE
  • Stargazer Coat for Lily
  • Stargazer Wear for Adam
  • Stargazer Pack for the Drone
  • 2,000 SP EXP
  • 5,000 Gold in-game currency
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The Stargazer cosmetics are all excellent, though I’ve opted to continue rocking Lily’s base costume over her DLC one. The 2,000 SP EXP gave me roughly four SP points to play with, which is a sizable chunk that early on in the new PS5 game. Considering how expensive WB Pumps (instant revive consumables) are in the early game, the 5,000 Gold is also very handy.

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