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Stellar Blade rewards you for your extreme thirst on PS5

By collecting all of the Stellar Blade cans you can unlock Eve’s most provocative costume in the PS5 exclusive sci-fi RPG.

Stellar Blade cans: Eve holding a cafe latte can, next to a picture of her standing next to the display cabinet

Stellar Blade has unlocked something feral within a barkingly loud section of its fanbase, and developer Shift Up’s fully leaned into the fanservice-y side of the sci-fi RPG when it comes to arguably Eve’s rarest costume. For finding all of the 49 Stellar Blade cans jotted throughout the PS5 game, the studio is offering a very revealing reward – the Black Pearl Nano Suit. There are light non-story-related spoilers ahead, so tread carefully.

As you explore the embattled settlement of Xion and beyond in one of 2024’s most exciting RPG games, you’ll begin to come across various canned drinks – Shift Up knows we’re a thirsty bunch, how kind. Whether it’s the health-conscious Elixir Carrot juice, Cryo The Clear mineral water, or the hearty Bayern Weissbier Dunkel for those trying to take the edge off at the end of a hard day’s work rebuilding humanity, there’s a beverage for everyone in the new PS5 game.

Next to your ship in Xion you’ll find a pretty snazzy display case, which dishes out rewards over time based on the number of liquid delicacies you’ve collected. This is an important mechanic if you’re trying to expand the number of grenades and medical supplies (that aren’t your refillable tumbler) you can actively hold while out in the field.

Stellar Blade cans: the reward list for collecting cans

However, the most important milestone in the can cabinet is its final one. Once that magic number 49 has been uncovered, you’ll unlock the Black Pearl Nano Suit – a costume that is about as useful for fighting Naytiba as a barber is for cutting my hair (consult my author picture at the top of this article for the punchline).

Of course, I say this as a non-believer. After all, the Black Pearl Nano Suit could very well boast peak aerodynamic performance, giving Eve some sort of hidden buff that none of her numerous other costumes do. Okay, I’m chatting out of my ass, but the fact remains it’s a crucial acquisition if you’re trying to complete Eve’s wardrobe in one of this year’s best PS5 games. Godspeed, soldiers.

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