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Will Steelrising be on Game Pass?

Want to know if Steelrising will be on Game Pass? Here is what we know about the game's release plans and where you can jump in and play

Steelrising Game Pass: Aegis can be seen blocking an attack from multiple enemies

Steelrising is a step into a new genre for developer Spiders. A team which has crafted large-scale RPGs in the past, hopping over to create a souls-like action-centric experience might not be the most obvious of shifts for the French studio. And, with the team breaking new ground here you may be wondering if you can play easily thanks to Steelrising being on Game Pass.

In the game, you play as Aegis a robotic bodyguard that sets to bring an end to an automat army crafted and created by King Louis XVI in 1789. As the revolution kicks off across France Louis seeks to silence the voices of people and your job is to stop that before it becomes out of hand.

But, will you get to fight back in that revolution without sinking money into buying the full game? Will Steelrising be on Game Pass? Find out below.

Will Steelrising be on Game Pass?

Steelrising is not on Game Pass at release or in the weeks after its release on September 8. This means that those who want to play the game will need to buy it outright for Xbox Series X|S or PC.

This isn’t too surprising to see as Nacon hasn’t been a big supporter of Game Pass and very few if any of their games have come to the service, let alone been released onto the service at launch.

Of course, there is always a chance the game could come to Game Pass in the coming months. But, we would expect that to happen towards the middle of 2023 or later if that does happen.

While you can’t take down a robotic army at a discount, you can get your hands on a number of other Game Pass games in the full Xbox Game Pass games library.