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Star Wars Jedi Survivor difficulty levels explained

Find out about the different Star Wars Jedi Survivor difficulty levels you can change to make the latest Star Wars game easier or harder on Cal and his friends.

With Star Wars Jedi Survivor being a soulslike game, the Star Wars Jedi Survivor difficulty levels are at the forefront of the experience. Setting the difficulty too high can make it too much of a challenge, whereas having it too low will make it a breeze to complete, and could make the experience less engaging overall.

Fortunately, we got to mess around with the various difficulty settings in our Star Wars Jedi Survivor review. Even something like saving can be a challenge unless you know how to save in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, and only some of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor characters are going to help you. So, here’s everything you need to know about the various options in the latest Star Wars game.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor difficulty levels explained

Star Wars Jedi Survivor has five difficulty levels and settings:

  • Story Mode – extremely wide parry timing, low incoming damage and enemy aggression is quite weak
  • Jedi Padawan – wide parry timing window, moderate incoming damage and weak enemy aggression
  • Jedi Knight – Standard parry timing window, default incoming damage levels and enemy aggression levels
  • Jedi Master – precise parry timing window, high enemy aggression and damage taken from enemies
  • Jedi Grandmaster – extremely precise parry timing window, very high enemy damage and enemy aggression

These difficulty modes go from easiest to hardest. The difficulty affects the damage that Cal will take, as well as the parry timing window and the overall enemy aggression.

Fallen Order, the previous game in Respawn’s Star Wars series, saw four difficulty levels when it was released. However, the inclusion of the Jedi Padawan difficulty should give you an extra option if Story Mode is too easy for you and Jedi Knight is too challenging. No matter which you pick, you’ll still get to play with the awesome Star Wars Jedi Survivor stances.

Star Wars jedi Survivor Difficulty Levels: Cal can be seen

You can always change the difficulty in Star Wars Jedi Survivor if you think your first choice was wrong. This way, you can make sure the difficulty level is just right for you as you take down the Empire. Make sure to find out how to get a blaster in Star Wars Jedi Survivor too, for any enemies just outside of your lightsaber’s range.

There are a bunch of accessibility options on offer as well. For example, if the main challenge for you is finding your way, you can toggle Navigation Assist in the Accessibility tab of the settings to have a marker on your map guide you towards any main story content. There’s also a setting which will play a small chime whenever you reach the next Navigation Assist marker too.

Those are all of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor difficulty levels that you need to know about. If there’s anything else that’s making the game difficult for yourself, make sure to check out our Star Wars Jedi Survivor walkthrough for any guides that may help you take down the Empire.