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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 looks to push PS4 and Xbox One aside

If you were looking forward to Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 and haven't upgraded to an Xbox Series X|S or a PS5 yet, you might be out of luck on release day

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Everybody loves a good Star Wars game (if you have taste, that is), but it seems that Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 – the sequel to 2019’s RPG-style take on the universe that had an emphasis on exploration, traversal, and deliberate combat – might only be available to those who are able to obtain a next-gen console.

GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb posited this information on an episode of the Last of the Nintendogs podcast, explaining that, from what he knows, the game will not be available on any of the last-generation hardware, and that it will be releasing on PC, Xbox Series X|S and PS5 only.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2’s release date hasn’t been officially announced yet, but rumours have so far have suggested that the game will release in 2022. Grubb says elsewhere in the podcast that he expects EA to release more information during the franchise’s May celebrations, particularly over the weekend of May 26 to 29.

If Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 does indeed release towards the end of 2022, that would make it around the two years since we saw the new generation of consoles hit the market. So, while we have seen widespread stock shortages, with not everyone who wants these consoles able to get them, it would make sense that the game will only release on the latest hardware due to technology constraints and improvements.

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Star Wars Jedi Fallen order 2 was first announced by EA back in January. There are also two other Star Wars games being developed according to the company, with one of them being an FPS game and the other being a strategy game.

I’d say now is a great time to play the original Fallen Order if you haven’t gotten around to it yet, as it seems the sequel will have us using Jedi mind powers sooner rather than later.