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Splitgate ranks, ranked playlists, rewards, and more

Everything you need to know about Splitgate's ranked system if you're looking to play competitively in 1047's portal-popping shooter.

Two Splitgate players with guns drawn stand face to face. One is in red armour, the other in blue

After an enormous spike in popularity following its console release in 2021, portal-packed shooter Splitgate continues to be a top FPS experience. While its casual playlist is packed with fun modes for everyone to enjoy, it also has plenty to offer for competitive-minded players.

Splitgate has its own dedicated ranked playlists, each with their own ranked ladders and leaderboards, to give players a shiny badge and title to grind towards.

If you’re wondering how Splitgate’s ranking system works, and what the actual ranks are in the first-person shooter, then look no further than this guide. We’ve got all the info on Splitgate’s competitive mode.

Splitgate ranks

There are a total of 32 ranks in ranked Splitgate, spread across eight separate tiers.

Here are the Splitgate ranks:

Rank Ranked Points
Brass 0-999
Bronze (1-5)  1000-1499
Silver (1-5) 1500-1999
Gold (1-5) 2000-2499
Platinum (1-5) 2500-2999
 Diamond (1-5) 3000-3499
 Master (1-5) 3500-3999
 Champion 4000+

Aside from the first rank, Brass, and the top rank, Champion, each tier is divided into five separate ELO ranks at 100-ranked point intervals. For example, if you have 1,000 ranked points, you will be Bronze 1, but if you have 1,400 ranked points you’ll be Bronze 5.

Remember, each of Splitgate’s ranked playlists award separate ranks, so you could be Diamond 3 in one playlist but Silver 1 in another, for example.

Splitgate ranked points

Splitgate awards or takes away a certain number of ranked points after every match. Once you pass a certain milestone of points, you’ll move up into the next rank.

Currently, the maximum amount of ranked points you can earn in Splitgate is 5,000. This is the top goal for any competitive Splitgate player.

A player emerges from a purple portal in Splitgate

Splitgate ranked playlists

There are currently two ranked playlists in Splitgate – Ranked 4v4 and Ranked Takedown (3v3). There used to also be a Ranked 2v2 mode, but this was scrapped.

In Ranked 4v4, players are given access to the full map pool in Splitgate, with three potential modes to play: Team Deathmatch, Domination, and King of the Hill.

Ranked Takedown is a 3v3 mode. It’s like a standard Team Deathmatch, but with respawn timers that increase in duration with each death. The goal is to wipe out the enemy team before any of them can respawn. If you do this, you will win the round and earn a point. Each match is a best-of-seven, so the first team to win four rounds is the victor. Ranked Takedown is not played on the regular map pool, and is instead played on smaller maps called ‘Simulations’.

A Splitgate player hovers in the air while an enemy portal appears behind them

Splitgate ranked rewards


In Splitgate Season 1, a series of ranked rewards were introduced. These weapon skins for the assault rifle had designs that reflected the designs of each rank’s emblem.

That’s all the info you need to kickstart your ranked journey in Splitgate, either alone or as a squad through the use of Splitgate cross-play. Splitgate continues to boast some of the most intoxicating FPS gameplay out there, and its competitive ranked mode only reinforces it.