Splitgate beta end date – when does the beta end?

When does the Splitgate beta end and the game release for all platforms?

a player can be seen shooting through a portal.

Splitgate has been a hit ever since it went into beta in July. Blowing up on Twitch and holding competitions, the game has seen an explosion in its player base and is set to end its beta soon.

After some initial server issues, the game has finally hit its stride and is running smoothly for everyone. Developer 1047 Games has also been successfully batting away hackers and bots and created an engaging and enjoyable multiplayer arena-shooter that is free-to-play on all platforms. With this success, 1047 Games is also looking at next-gen versions of the game to release in the future.

But before then, the game will need to hit its 1.0 release and exit the beta stage, which is still ongoing. So, when is the Splitgate beta end date and when can players expect to play the full release of the free-to-play shooter?

Splitgate Beta End Date

1047 Games has said that the Splitgate beta will continue indefinitely, with no firm release date for the 1.0 release of the game. The game has seen huge success since its release in July, with over 10 million downloads in 30 days.

Season 0 of the game has begun today with a bunch of new content and a new Battle Pass to rank up.

Splitgate has been a success so far, but it is still yet to be seen if the game can hold its own over the coming months. Xbox players can currently get some free unique skins as a perk with Game Pass, while the game is in beta.