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Splitgate beta end date - when does the beta end?

Find out all about the Splitgate beta and what it means for the future of the franchise.

a player can be seen shooting through a portal.

 Splitgate is no longer being supported with additional content, though an Unreal Engine update is in the works. However, the beta game is still playable, albeit with a small player base.

Splitgate was a hit ever since it first landed in players’ hands. Blowing up on Twitch and holding competitions, the game saw an explosion in its player base, though that did create problems for developer 1047.

With one of the best FPS games in its hands, Splitgate had an oddly rocky release and left the instant classic in a strange spot. So, here is everything you need to know about the Splitgate beta and what that meant for the game.

Splitgate beta end date

1047 Games has said that the Splitgate beta will continue indefinitely. With the developer “ending feature development,” Splitgate is still playable in beta, though it is no longer being supported.

Instead, 1047 is looking ahead as the current Splitgate had seemingly irreparable issues. It is “turning [its] attention away from iterative, smaller updates and going all-in to focus on a new game in the Splitgate universe which will present revolutionary, not evolutionary, changes to our game. It will be a shooter, it will have portals, and it will be built in Unreal Engine 5. Oh, and it will be free.”

So, now all you can do is wait for the next Splitgate game, unfortunately. That is, unless you’re taking a trip back, though expect to be waiting in queues for quite a while given the player base has shrunk massively.