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Splatoon 3’s latest map is giving us Apex Legends vibes

Mincemeat Metalworks is the new Splatoon 3 map for multiplayer and its industrial style is a throwback to Apex Legends' Train Yard

splatoon 3 new map Apex Legends: a team of four in pink

We’re creeping ever closer to the Splatoon 3 release date and to get us in the mood for that chaotic shooter action, Nintendo has released a sneak peek of a new map called Mincemeat Metalworks and its giving us Apex Legends vibes.

The Splatoon 3 map, which apparently is made from scrap metal in order to make more scrap metal, is an industrial themed multiplayer stage full of nooks and crannies to hide and play in. It certainly has the traditional Splatoon art style, but there’s something about the map that reminds us of a well loved point of interest in Apex Legends’ World’s Edge: Train Yard.

Train Yard is no longer a playable point of interest having been replaced by Landslide in the map’s update last year, but if you look back at old pictures, it has that familiar industrial theme, with big steel girders holding up the frame of the yard. Several train carriages were also suspended from these girders, giving players more verticality to play with.

Mincemeat Metalworks doesn’t quite have that level of verticality, but piles of scrap metal tower above the labyrinth below, giving players a chance to hit enemies from below. The lanes created by the mess of machinery also provide an exciting arena for battle. You can see the map in all its glory below.

That’s not the only similarity Minecemeat Metalworks shares with other games though. Players have remarked that the map looks similar to Bluefin Depot in the original Splatoon game, while others have noted a style similar to Splatoon 2’s Snapper Canal.

There is one big difference to the first two games though and that’s that the new maps look a hell of a lot bigger than their predecessors. Hopefully that means we’ll have more room to run around with the Splatoon 3 weapons by the time September rolls around.