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Sniper Elite 5’s trophy list rewards shooting Hitler’s nuts off

Load up those snipers and get ready to take Hitler’s manhood away once and for all in the newly released trophy list for Sniper Elite 5

Sniper Elite 5 trophy list: The leaked trophy list has a variety of trophies for players to unlock, one of the funniest is having to shoot Hitler in the nuts for a trophy

The Sniper Elite 5 trophy list has finally been unveiled and trophy hunters around the world can finally start planning how they will tackle the next instalment in the Sniper Elite series – as well as get to grips with everything required to tackle the difficult trophy list. One trophy that has fans giggling is one where you need to shoot and kill Hitler with a testicle shot – the trophy is smartly titled Das Familienjuwel.

Sniper Elite 5 will have a combined total of 62 trophies, with eight of them being included in the DLC list, where Das Familiendjuwel can also be located. If you want to check out the full trophy list, head on over to TrueTrophies where you can see all 62 trophies for Sniper Elite 5.

This isn’t the only trophy linked to Hitler, in fact, there are several trophies you can unlock by taking down Hitler in various different situations – all of which are a part of the DLC. These trophies involve you killing Hitler 5 different times, killing Hitler at a distance of at least 300 meters, and killing Hitler and all his exfiltrates without being detected. So it looks like you and Hitler will be spending a lot of time together in Sniper Elite 5 – something tells me Hitler isn’t excited about this.

At a glance, The trophy list appears to be filled with a variety of trophy tropes, from easy to potentially infuriating trophies. The simpler trophies are the likes of finishing each chapter of the campaign and completing kill based accolades. The potentially more difficult ones come in the form of collectable based trophies – something a lot of trophy hunters can attest to being quite the nuisance to complete. There appears to be a total of three collectable based trophies to unlock throughout the base game.

The overall difficulty and time to platinum is still up in the air until the Sniper Elite 5 release date finally rolls around. Until then players will be left to speculate on these things and come up with their own assumptions.