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How to turn on Survival Mode in Skyrim Anniversary Edition

Looking to turn on and enable Survival Mode in Skyrim: Anniversary Edition? We take you through the extra steps you need to take when playing

Skyrim How To Turn On Survival Mode: a enemy can be seen wielding a large axe.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition has hit digital stores, packaging up tons of Creation Club mod content that had previously been released for other editions of the game. One of the biggest inclusions in this version of Skyrim is the Survival Mode and players are keen to know how they can enable it within the game.

Alongside Survival Mode, Skyrim Anniversary Edition adds a lot for players, including brand new questlines, such as a quest inspired by Oblivion. But, Skyrim’s Survival Mode is easily one of the most sought after features, as it provides players with a tougher experience, enhancing famine, fatigue, cold weather, and the harsh environments found in the north of Tamriel.

So, how do you enable and unlock Survival Mode in Skyrim when you are playing the latest version on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC? Read on to find out when the mode becomes available.

Skyrim How To Turn On Survival Mode

To turn on Survival Mode in Skyrim’s latest versions, including the Anniversary Edition, you will need to select the option from the Settings menu. However, if you are starting a new character, you will need to wait until you leave the character creation section and tutorial for it to be enabled.

In Survival Mode, players can expect no health regeneration, restrictions on the ability to level up, a variety of afflictions that can make you unwell, warmth, fatigue, and hunger meters, the disabling of Fast Travel and a lot of other impediments.

That covers how to turn on Survival Mode in Skyrim. With the next-gen upgrade of the game hitting Game Pass with the Anniversary Edition, why not take a look and see what else is available on the service in our full rundown of the Game Pass games.