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Is Sifu on Game Pass?

Sloclap's incredible action fighting game Sifu is coming to Xbox, but will you be able to play Sifu on Game Pass when you are up for a top-tier action game.

Sifu Game Pass: an image of a man in a tank top from the fighting game

Is Xbox Game Pass the best deal in gaming? Well, we can’t say for certain, but it’s certainly looking more and more like that’s the case. With Sloclap’s incredible brawler Sifu coming to Xbox, many people want to know if Sifu is on Game Pass when it releases.

Released exclusively on PlayStation consoles and Windows PC in February 2022, Sifu is an award-nominated fighting game that follows one person’s journey to avenge their father’s murder. The art style employed by Sloclap is spectacular and the combat is as slick as it is challenging. A game like Sifu only comes around once in a blue moon and it’s hard to think of any reason why it wouldn’t be a win for Xbox players and Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Is Sifu on Game Pass?

Sifu is not on Game Pass. The only way to play the game on Xbox platforms or the Microsoft Store is to buy it.

While the game isn’t on Game Pass at launch, as with most releases, it could come to Game Pass. Kepler Interactive is bringing Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn to the service and released Scorn onto Game Pass, so the publisher isn’t completely against the service. But, during its initial launch, the game can’t be played there.

We know you’re not too happy about Sifu on Game Pass not being a reality, but if you are looking for something else to play you can find out more about all the games on Xbox Game Pass here. Or you can find out how to get FIFA 23 for cheap through Xbox Game Pass here. Is Xbox Game Pass worth it overall? Well, read our guide if you’d like to find out our answer to that question.