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Rocket League rival reportedly being developed at 2K

2K Games is reportedly working on a game called Gravity Goal, a direct competitor to Psyonix's Rocket League, which features motorbikes instead of cars

Rocket League rival Gravity Goal: An image showing the 2K logo and a car boosting through the air in rocket league

Rocket League, as a concept, stands pretty unrivalled in the gaming landscape right now. However, a report from a reputable industry leaker suggests that developer 2K is creating a rival game.

Writing for eXputer, Tom Henderson claims that 2K is developing a game called Gravity Goal, which closely resembles the vehicular football gameplay that Rocket League has become famous for. While the core experience will be familiar to those that have played Psyonix’s hit game, with 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 game modes, there are a few key differences.

Instead of using cars to hit the ball, Gravity Goal will reportedly see players riding futuristic, “TRON-like” motorbikes instead. While Rocket League does have a combative element in that you can temporarily disable opponents by ramming into them at high speeds, Gravity Goal will do things a little differently by giving players hockey puck-like discs that they can fire at the opposition.

Hitting players with these discs will cause damage to their bikes, and “your own vehicle speed and the opposing team’s vehicle speed determine how much damage you cause”, according to Henderson.

The futuristic design of the bikes will also be mirrored by the design of the arenas that you play in as well.

Henderson claims that a closed alpha for Gravity Goal was held last year, and anticipates an official reveal at some point this year.

While details are admittedly light, the development of a legitimate competitor to Rocket League will certainly be interesting to follow. The competitive experience in Rocket League ranked play and the copious crossovers Psyonix has landed for the game have led to mega popularity for the game, but it is admittedly pretty unchallenged right now.