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Who is on the Resident Evil 4 remake cast and voice actors list?

Get the full Resident Evil 4 voice actors list for the remake and see where you know the cast from in this updated version of the beloved title.

Resident Evil 4 Voice Actors: Ashley can be seen

Who is on the Resident Evil 4 remake cast and voice actors list? As Resident Evil 4 has a lot of new characters, you can find a bunch of new faces to the series in the cast list for this remake. But, there is one returning face, namely the voice behind Leon.

So, if you are curious as to who voices characters in the game, from Luis and Ashely to Mike and the Merchant, then this Resident Evil 4 article is for you. Below we highlight the full list and some key names within it. All of this information was obtained during our Resident Evil 4 remake review.

Resident Evil 4 remake cast

The full Resident Evil 4 cast and voice actors list and cast in the remake is:

  • Nick Apostolides – Leon S. Kennedy
  • Genevieve Buechner – Ashley Graham
  • André Peña – Luis Serra Navarro
  • Lily Gao – Ada Wong
  • Christopher Jane – Osmund Saddler
  • Mike Kovac – Jack Krauser
  • Marcio Moreno – Ramón Salazar
  • Jon Bryant – Bitores Méndez
  • Raylene Harewood – Ingrid Hunnigan
  • Michael Adamthwaite – Merchant
  • Erik Gow – Mike
  • Craig Burnatowski – Albert Wesker
  • Diego Stredel – Newbie Officer
  • Mathias Retamal – Veteran Officer

Of course, leading the cast is Nick Apostolides who voiced Leon in the Resident Evil 2 remake. Nick has appeared in a number of other projects, including as a motion capture performer in Madden NFL 21, as well as voicing Frank Bowers and Charles Eriksen in the Life Is Strange series.

Ashley’s voice actor Genevieve Buechner hasn’t had a role in a game before, so this is her first performance in the Resident Evil series and games altogether. However, she has appeared in a number of TV movies and TV shows. André Peña, who plays Luis, also appears to be new to roles in games.

Additionally, on the list, a number of actors and actresses who haven’t done any games work, or very little are spread throughout it, include Mike Kovac who has done a number of TV shows. Interestingly, Lily Gao, who plays Ada Wong here, also played Ada in the 2021 movie Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, similar to Nick apostolates who has done the same in the animated shows for Leon.

Finally, Michael Adamthwaite, who voices the beloved Merchant here has done a number of TV shows. But, he played a grunt in New Tales From The Borderlands, and appeared throughout Lost Judgment and Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

There you have the full list of Resident Evil 4 cast and voice actors. Who are you most looking forward to hearing when you jump in and play? If you are keen to get even more tips on the game when you are playing through the remake then check out our Resident Evil 4 remake walkthrough, which is filled with guides.