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Remnant 2 Sewer safe code, location, reward

Find out the Remnant 2 Sewer safe code, location, and the reward awaiting you behind the locked door so you can continue exploring Losomn.

Remnant 2 Sewer Safe: A Medic can be seen

Do you want the Remnant 2 Sewers Safe Code? After playing through the game and exploring the Losomn region thoroughly, we have found out the solution for the safe as well as the Remnant 2 Sewers safe location. This guide will talk you through what you need to do to get access to it and the core piece of equipment that will be key to getting the code in your playthrough.

While exploring alone or with friends in Remnant 2 multiplayer, you’ll potentially be stumped and want to open it. This solution was obtained during our Remnant 2 review playthrough.

Remnant 2 Sewer safe code

The Remnant 2 Sewer safe code is 8513 or 5813 and can be found via the lit-up yellow numbers in the sewers which can be seen with your flashlight turned on. This code may look like it can be randomized but it actually isn’t and it appears there are just multiple answers using the same numbers.

Remnant 2 Sewer Safe: The safe combination can be seen

Remnant 2 Sewer safe location

The Remnant 2 Great Sewers safe can be found in the titular dungeon, which has an entrance in Losomn – Morrow Parish. Once inside, explore along the edges of the sewer canals until you see a small nook with several plants and vegetables. Go through the crawlspace to reach the safe.

Remnant 2 Sewer Safe: The safe can be seen

You’ll notice that there’s a series of numbers etched on a stone block next to the safe. In our case, it was 3-2-3-4. However, this code is wrong. The correct code is actually denoted by the glowing numbers, which are only visible if you look at them with your flashlight turned on.

Remnant 2 Sewer Safe: The numbers can be seen

Remnant 2 Sewer safe reward

Upon opening the Great Sewers safe in Remnant 2, you’ll find the Rusted Heirloom. This ring grants two stacks of Bulwark when you’re below 50% HP, which is helpful for survivability and defense.

That’s all for the Remnant 2 Sewer safe code, reward, and location. For even more guides and tips, be sure to check out our Remnant 2 walkthrough which is packed full of tips and guides.