Rainbow Six Siege removes the bios of its Spetsnaz operators

Russian Soviet operators in Rainbow Six Siege have had their bios removed by Ubisoft from the official Siege website, although they still remain in-game

Rainbow Six Siege Russian operator bios removed: A split image showing Fuze and Tachanka, two Spetsnaz operators from R6 Siege

Ubisoft has quietly removed the biographies of five Rainbow Six Siege operators that either represent or previously served for the Russian Spetsnaz faction from the official Siege website. This is almost certainly related to Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

As spotted by an eagle-eyed Reddit user and reported by SiegeGG, the biographies of Tachanka, Glaz, Kapkan, Fuze, and Finka have all been removed from their operator pages. All five of these operators have ties to the Spetsnaz faction and all five were born in the former Soviet Union. Tachanka, Glaz, and Kapkan are Russian, while Fuze is from Uzbekistan, and Finka is from Belarus.

Despite being taken down from the Siege website, the bios for all five operators are currently still accessible in-game at the time of writing. The Loadout has reached out to Ubisoft to see if in-game bio removals for these operators will also be taking place.

While none of their bios contain any explicit references that could be linked to the current conflict in Ukraine, the Spetsnaz – the Russian special forces – have played a significant role in the invasion, according to reports. Prior to the full-scale invasion, Spetsnaz soldiers had already entered Ukraine in an attempt to assassinate the Ukrainian president as the first stage of a regime change.

Last week, Ubisoft, alongside several other major publishers and developers, halted sales of its games in Russia in response to the invasion.

Ubisoft also has two support studios in Ukraine – one in the capital Kyiv, and another in Odessa. In the opening days of the conflict, Ubisoft revealed that it was helping evacuate its staff out of Ukraine and would provide advanced salaries and housing in neighbouring countries to employees from both studios.