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Rick and Morty finally get their own Rainbow Six Siege skins

New Adult Swim content for Ubisoft’s tactical shooter arrives with new Rick and Morty Rainbow Six Siege skin bundles available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC

Rainbow Six Siege Rick and Morty Skins: Two images, both of the new Rick and Morty skins coming to Siege

Rick Sanchez might believe that the concept of love is just a chemical reaction, but we love these new Rick and Morty Rainbow Six Siege skins from Ubisoft and Adult Swim. We’ve seen a Pickle Rick skin bundle for Smoke, a Krombopulos Michael skin bundle for Thermite, a Mr Meeseeks skin bundle for Ace, and a Gromflomite skin bundle for Sledge. Now, though, Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith are joining Ubisoft’s tactical shooter with skin bundles for Doc and Fuze respectively.

Much like the last set of Rick and Morty Rainbow Six Siege skins, you can purchase both Doc’s Rick Bundle and Fuze’s Morty Bundle for 2160 R6 Credits each. Or, if you’re looking to make a small saving, you can pick up the Rick and Morty Battle Bundle for 4080 R6 Credits – that’s a massive saving of 240 R6 Credits. Hey – it’s something, right?

Just like before, these skin bundles also come with four items each – a uniform, a headgear, a weapon skin, and a universal charm. You can also unlock a unique Operator Card background for these two, featuring a green portal from Adult Swim’s animation.

In Doc’s Rick Bundle, players can get their hands on a uniform and headgear that transform Doc into everyone’s drunk grandfather-slash-scientist. Adding to this, players get a Graviton Blaster weapon skin for Doc’s SG-CQB and a Squanchy universal charm. The SG-CQB isn’t just in Doc’s loadout – this weapon skin can be used with Twitch, Rook, and Lion too.

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In Fuze’s Morty Bundle, just like the Rick bundle, players can get their hands on a uniform and headgear that transform Fuze into Morty – complete with his iconic yellow tee. This bundle also comes with the Ionic Accelerator weapon skin for the 6P41, a weapon Finka also uses, and a Mr PB universal charm. Ooo-wee!

We don’t know if this is going to be the final Rick and Morty skin set for Rainbow Six Siege, but Ubisoft didn’t give anyone much warning for this one – so, there’s no telling what the future may bring. Rick and Morty has a rich cast of characters and Summer, Jerry, and Beth would all make fine additions to the growing collection.

These skins may not help you climb the Rainbow Six Siege ranks, the headgear is massive, but they are a bit of fun. With a Rainbow Six Siege Team Deathmatch mode on the way, this could be the perfect place to show off your new threads.