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Rainbow Six Siege’s PC player count hits an all-time high

Ubisoft's tactical shooter is setting some incredible new records

A Rainbow Six Siege operator, holding a riot shield and wearing grey armour, shouts in triumph

With new operations every couple of months, there’s never been a better time to get into Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft’s gritty tactical shooter has 55 million registered players worldwide across all platforms at the last count, and its popularity on PC continues to rise.

Siege’s upward trend started at the end of 2019 with the addition of the Road to SI 2020 event, which added a battle pass and a new game mode to the shooter. However, with a constant supply of new operators, maps, modes, and seasons, the game is more popular on PC than ever before.

At the least count, according to Steam Charts, Rainbow Six Siege surpassed 100,000 average players in March alone, with the recent update bringing in an extra 22% of players. This is the first time the game has broken 100,000 average players on Steam since records began in December 2015. The latest count also suggests Siege is close to breaking the 200,000 peak player count, with last month’s numbers falling just 1,433 players short.

Of course, this could be down to the current worldwide health situation, where more people than ever before are staying at home. But that combined with Siege’s new Around The World battle pass, and the urge to master Siege’s ranking system, makes it an attractive competitive game for all to enjoy.