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Rainbow Six Siege to remove new operator evaluation period in pro play

After three years, Ubisoft has announced that the Rainbow Six Siege new operator evaluation period will be removed in Operation Vector Glare

Rainbow Six Siege new operator evaluation period removed

Rainbow Six Siege’s evaluation period for new operators in professional play has long been considered a sensible choice. Since 2018, operators have been unable to be picked in pro games for the first three months of their life on the live servers. However, as of Y7S2’s Operation Vector Glare, developer Ubisoft will be removing this limiter.

By keeping new operators on a tight leash, pro teams have historically been given plenty of time to become familiar with the latest weapons in their compositional arsenal, while Ubisoft has been afforded extra time to make any necessary balance adjustments, or fix any pesky bugs as they arise. Now it seems that the studio is throwing caution to the wind, though it appears to be a calculated risk.

Discussing the change, Rainbow Six esports director Wei Yue calls the removal of the evaluation a “huge change” for Siege esports. “It really is a testament to our balancing teams, [and] our game designer teams [that] we feel that our operators are now ready from the start to be integrated into the highest level of competition,” he says.

As Yue notes, pros will now have to adapt faster to the new meta, which could have major implications for Siege’s esports landscape based on which teams can theorycraft and acclimate the fastest. Meanwhile, fans will now have the opportunity to watch top level play with their new main from the get-go.

As a result, when new operator Sens arrives with the Rainbow Six Siege Operation Vector Glare release date in June, players will get to learn how best to pilot them from the game’s brightest lights sooner rather than later. For pro teams, however, there could definitely be a teething period for the new change.