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Rainbow Six Siege new battle pass emulates Fortnite and Warzone 2

Ubisoft is introducing a brand new Rainbow Six Siege battle pass system in Operation Solar Raid and it's quite similar to the system in Fortnite and Warzone 2

Rainbow Six Siege new battle pass Operation Solar Raid: An image of Solis on a blue background

Rainbow Six Siege is evolving in more ways than one with Operation Solar Raid and the exciting Year 7 Season 4 (Y7S4) update will include a brand new Rainbow Six Siege battle pass system – and it’s not too dissimilar to what we’re seeing in Fortnite and Warzone 2.

As always, we’re getting a new Rainbow Six Siege Solis operator, but this time around we’re getting a whole host of new features alongside a brand new competitive map in Nighthaven Labs. One thing that you’re definitely going to need to know about if you’re planning to jump straight into this shooter come the Rainbow Six Siege Operation Solar Raid release time is this new battle pass and how it works.

Ubisoft is restructuring Rainbow Six Siege’s linear battle pass system to offer players branching pathways and more choice when it comes to which rewards they want to unlock first. You’ll still find the same number of rewards are on offer – and you’ll still be able to unlock them all – you’ll just have more freedom in how you obtain them.

While we assume this system has been in development for some time, it does bare a striking resemblance to the new map-based system introduced to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 by Infinity Ward. Fortnite’s battle pass system has also worked in a similar way for some time.

Moving forward, Rainbow Six Siege players will unlock Battle Tokens and Breach Charges when they level up their seasonal battle pass. With Battle Tokens, you’re going to be able to unlock tiles and their associated rewards in the new battle pass system. This is going to include the usual mix of Alpha Packs, Renown Boosters, R6 credits, cosmetics, and more.

Breach Charges, unlike the aforementioned tokens, will be used to “breach” blockages in the new battle pass system. Breach Paths are like shortcuts, allowing players to skip certain parts of pathways to get to the rewards they want to faster. You can check out a concept of what you’re in for below:

Rainbow Six Siege new battle pass Operation Solar Raid: an image of the new system and its' pathways

Is this system going to be popular with players? That, of course, remains to be seen. However, we can’t help but think it’s a good thing to give players more agency when it comes to unlocking rewards in-game. If you’re someone who struggles to complete a Rainbow Six Siege battle pass, this should make grinding rewards much more worthwhile.

If, however, you often find yourself finishing the battle pass with time to spare, it probably won’t make too much of a difference. Especially if you’re just focused on climbing the Rainbow Six Siege ranks.