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Next week’s PUBG update sees the return of original Sanhok

Move over Getaway, it's time for the original dockland to make a return. PUBG update 17.1 will include the original Sanhok, without its changes

PUBG Sanhok return: A man in a Hawaiian shirt stands with his back to the camera, a man runs with a sniper rifle

When Sanhok was added to PUBG: Battlegrounds all the way back in 2018, it became a polarising force in the community. It was the first 4x4km map the community experienced, and with its dynamic circle, and thick, green jungle, it played very differently to matches on Erangel and Miramar. Because of the divide, Krafton started with the odd nip and tuck here and there to appease the community – but after a while, the map was unrecognisable.

However, Krafton has since seen the error of its ways, and the original map will be making a return to PUBG in next week’s 17.1 update. The return was originally announced in the PUBG 2022 roadmap, after the developers noted that “continuous monitor of our players voices has made us realise the reworked Sanhok was not producing the anticipated, positive gameplay experience.”

As of April 13 for PC players and April 21 for console players, this overgrown paradise will be able to play in its original form once again.

That means the original lobster-shaped Bootcamp building will make a return, along with the old school Ruins, Quarry and Bhan areas. The fancy looking party area known as Getaway will also be removed in this patch, marking a return for the Docks.

However, while this might be exciting for those who’ve been playing the game since the very beginning, it’s worth noting Krafton hasn’t ruled out future changes. “Even if it is undeniably sad to say goodbye to a longtime feature, we have decided to revert Sanhok to its original appearance and work on making it better by starting from the very beginning. We are of course continuously discussing various methods on improving Sanhok moving forward,” Krafton says.

While this is by far the biggest change coming this patch, it’s also worth noting that the recently added tactical gear is in the dev team’s crosshairs. The Tactical Pack will no longer store other tactical gear in this update, and a commitment to nerf the Spotter Scope has been made for 17.2.

If you can’t wait to hop back into Sanhok, you can get stuck in now via the test server.