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PUBG The Big Score Survivor Pass deals out XP faster than ever before

Gaining XP in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds just got an exceptional boost thanks to a new PUBG update. Speeding through The Big Score Survivor Pass is a breeze.

PUBG the big score survivor battle pass characters

Before some random PUBG player comes along and bonks you on the head with a frying pan, it might give you some comfort knowing you could have done it with loads of XP gained in the process. Whether it is Modern Warfare 2 or Fortnite, any game that has a battle pass can soak up your time easily. Thankfully, the latest PUBG update means you’ll be cruising through the latest Survivor Pass in no time.

Get ready to reap the rewards in PUBG, as developer Krafton delivers a new suite of cosmetics in The Big Score Survivor Pass. However, this new Survivor Pass isn’t like the others. This time around the developer states that you won’t have to say any more “painful goodbyes to your previous passes! We’re making changes to the Pass XP system to help you fully enjoy everything The Big Score has to offer by allowing players to earn XP faster relative to previous passes.”

Specifically, players logging onto PUBG should “aim for the maximum level since the XP obtainable through missions has been adjusted to help players level up faster.” Moreover, The Big Score update promises the following changes to the game’s XP-gaining system:

  • The XP earned per hour has been greatly increased
  • The maximum XP you can earn through daily playtime has been greatly increased
  • XP earned through daily missions has been slightly decreased
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Comprised of bank heist-themed cosmetics and weaponry, The Big Score Survivor Pass will likely please fans of cinematic classics like Point Break, Dog Day Afternoon, and of course Michael Mann’s masterpiece Heat. Players can purchase the following Survivor Pass bundles to mark the occasion:

  • Survivor Pass: The Big Score Weapon & Level Pack (3,270 G-COIN)
  • Survivor Pass: The Big Score Weapon Pack (990 G-COIN)

This pass will run from April 12 until mid-June for PlayStation, Xbox Series X|S, and PC players. If The Big Score cosmetics aren’t to your liking, then it may be worth checking out the game’s new Steampunk items. “The fusion of futuristic technology with the aesthetics and social norms of the past takes you to the Victorian Era. The Steampunk items also include two new special vehicle skins, so don’t miss out on the chance to add some elegant touches to your vehicles,” says the developer.

The Big Score Survivor Pass follows the affirmation of a new roadmap, that was revealed to celebrate PUBG’s sixth anniversary.